SWG Committee

Current committee members

  • Konstanze Döhner, Germany (Chair)
  • Dominique Bonnet, France (Vice-Chair)
  • Immacolata Andolfo, Italy
  • Igor Aurer, Croatia
  • Alessandro Casini, Italy
  • Hermann Einsele, Germany
  • Eleni Gavriilaki, Greece (YoungEHA representative)
  • Kirsten Grønbæk, Denmark (Councilor)
  • Zoi Dorothea Pana, Cyprus
  • Marc Raaijmakers, The Netherlands
  • Josef Vormoor, The Netherlands


  • The SWG Committee is the coordinating body of the EHA SWGs, which aims to strengthen relations and collaborations between the different SWGs as well as between EHA and SWGs.
  • Its members are selected within the SWGs and by the SWG Committee.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Represent the SWGs at the EHA leadership level.
  • Bridge communication between the SWGs and the EHA Board.
  • Collect SWGs’ proposals on established and new activities.
  • Approval of SWGs’ proposals according to the pre-allocated budget (e.g. SWG meetings).
  • Approval of new SWGs and renewal of existing SWGs (and subgroups, when necessary).
  • Development and implementation of new projects based on the Board recommendations.
  • The SWG Committee is lobbying for:
    • SWG initiated research projects
    • Involvement of SWG members in EHA’s education activities
    • EU affairs (European affairs coordinated taskforces, networks/research programs or grants and revision or implementation of regulations


  1. Chair (EHA Board member)
  2. Vice Chair; SWG member with at least 2 years’ experience as SWG Chair/Co-Chair.
  3. Up to 9 members selected from SWGs via an open call for interest, ensuring a balanced representation of the main areas (e.g. malignant vs non-malignant, basic/translational vs clinical etc.) of hematology.


  • Chair and vice chair: 3 years
  • Members: 3 years with possibility of reappointment once


  • 2 physical meetings
  • Regular conference calls