EHA Friends' Fund

Together, we can change the lives of many and make greater strides in the treatment of patients with blood disorders.

Are you ready to change lives worldwide by investing in the future of hematology? 

Men, women and children of all ages suffer from debilitating hematological diseases worldwide - often undetected or untreated. Are you willing to help? Joining EHA Friends’ Fund means helping build a healthier and more promising future for these patients by providing opportunities in education and career development for future leaders in the field of hematology.

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Your donation will support:

EHA is well-known for the excellent education it provides, both online and through face-to-face meetings. With your donation, you contribute to expanding the program, helping clinicians and researchers expand their knowledge and expertise in hematology - leading to improved outcomes for patients worldwide.

Career development
Your donation to EHA is vital to the career development opportunities of junior hematologists, allowing them to gain valuable experience. Through research grants and mentoring opportunities, future leaders are better able to treat and diagnose patients with blood diseases.

Every day, patients who suffer from blood disorders receive better, more effective care - thanks to your contribution to the EHA Friends’ Fund.

So, are you ready to change lives worldwide by investing in the future of hematology?

Join EHA Friends’ Fund today. Donate now.