Executive office

The EHA Board and its committees are supported by the Executive Office. An international team of staff members work in a dynamic, result-driven and open environment and takes pride in serving the association in an efficient manner.

Contact information

EHA Executive Office
Koninginnegracht 12b
2514 AA The Hague
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)70 3020 099
Email: info@ehaweb.org

Alternative phone numbers
Annual Congress: +31 (0)70 3455 563

Executive office staff


  • Carin Smand, Executive Director 
  • Annet Uijtdebroek, Executive Assistant

Annual Congress & Meetings

  • Rik Craenmehr, Head of Congress & Meetings
  • Mauralen da Cruz
  • Maarten Dane 
  • Candice Gregorini 
  • Jennifer Scheffer

Communication & Media

  • Charles Kinney, Head of Communications
  • Ineke van der Beek 
  • Tasneem Hooghart
  • Ivan Nikitin


  • Nathalie van Havre, Head of Education & Training
  • Yolanda Cabrerizo
  • Wietske Hollegien
  • Sabrina Leone 
  • Judith Lewis Stride
  • Enrica Orsini 
  • Karthick Richard
  • Manon Saris


  • Ellen de Waal 

Legal, Compliance & Governance

  • Martine Vidal


  • Frank Schulz, Head of Operations
  • Martina Hristova
  • Cheranie Lachminarainsingh, Office Management
  • Madeline Lopez, Finance
  • Arthur Petronilia, Finance 
  • William Rumley-van Gurp, IT
  • Liz Stokes, Human Resources
  • Geert-Jan van der Veen, Financial controller a.i.

Research & Development

  • Francesco Cerisoli, Head of Research & Mentoring
  • Jessica Mastrodomenico, HemaSphere 
  • Jess Morhayim, Talent Accelerator 
  • Anastasia Naoum, Guidelines Coordinator 
  • Esther Sifuma, Talent Accelerator

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Deepa Maas-Sundararaman, Head of Stakeholder Engagement
  • Fabiola de Andrade, European Board of Accreditation in Hematology
  • Robin Doeswijk, European Affairs
  • Jeroen Roeleveld, Membership 
  • Sara Roman Galdran, Scientific Relations