Call for urgent action on medicine shortages in Europe

michal parzuchowski 7TWRwDjfGew unsplash

Medicine shortages are an increasing problem across Europe, posing a severe threat to patient outcomes and patient safety. In a new position paper the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) presents nine recommendations for addressing the shortages crisis. The search for solutions is gaining urgency with the Covid-19 pandemic adding to the problems.

Medicine shortages are a European cross-border health threat. The EPHA report emphasizes therefore that national measures need to be coordinated as well as complemented and supported by EU initiatives.

EHA has contributed to the report and strongly supports the call on national and EU authorities to make the search for solutions to shortages issues a priority. As a member of both EPHA and the EMA Health Care Professionals Working Party EHA has consistently encouraged efforts by stakeholders and regulators to investigate the causes of shortages and move the issue up the regulatory agenda.

For more on EPHA and its work on shortages, see here.

Last Updated on Tuesday 05 May 2020.