Effective treatment of aging patients with hematological diseases discussed during SWG Aging meeting in Poland

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The progress in the field of aging and the optimal and rational approaches of "fit" and "unfit" older patients with malignant hemopathies was the focus of the three-day EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Aging and Hematology held on October 12-14, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

Further discussions focused on the progress in the field of aging, such as pathogenesis, management of co-morbidities, polypharmacy, cognitive impairments, and quality of life, inflammaging as well as the optimal and rational approaches of "fit" and "unfit" older patients with malignant hemopathies.

“It was a very interesting meeting for researchers and practitioners. We found out how important geriatrician assessment is in hematology and every day practice and how to treat old and very old patients. After this meeting, new ideas for further studies were created”

Sylwia Sulimiera Michalak from Poland said.

The meeting was organized in collaboration with SWG Chair Professor Dominique Bron of the Scientific Working Group on Aging and Hematology. She was supported by the organizing committee composed of L Adès, R Cordoba, T Fulöp, V Goede, PL Soubeyran, R Stauder, G Rossi and S Zweegman. Bron animated the meeting with open questions to the audience and closed the meeting with future protocols for the SWG Aging network. This approach was received positively.

“It was very practical, I am tired of going to meetings where the presenter just shows slides of clinical trial, I can read those myself. The presenters gave their opinions something that is far more valuable”

said an anonymous participant.

Knowledge sharing during this meeting happened through interactive presentations, debates, discussions and poster presentations. The program included both clinical and scientific viewpoints, important in integrating a patient’s story. Participants were given the opportunity to submit an abstract. The 11 best abstracts were selected for poster presentations.

More than 80% of the participants gave the meeting an excellent score.

EHA thanks the faculty and organizers of for making this a successful meeting.
The meeting was sponsored by: Janssen (meeting partner), GSK (meeting contributor), BMS (meeting supporter) and Amgen (contributor).

Aging full faculty

Participants and Faculty from the EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Aging and Hematology.

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