EHA-LSHBT Virtual Hematology Updates, a Successful Course Tailored for the Region!


March – October 2021

In a series of six webinar courses chairs Gianluca Gaidano (EHA) and Ali Taher (LSHBT) were joined by several experts that gave lectures and interactive patient cases to practitioners who manage patients with benign and hematologic malignancies. The course provided participants with practical tools to translate emerging data into the best therapy for their patients, to personalize care, and to apply novel treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes.

The Hematology Updates were initiated by EHA and the Lebanese Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (LSHBT) and took place live from March to October. The series which included six 2,5 hours courses, contained one session focused on non-malignant hematology and a second session dedicated to malignant hematology disorders. The aim of the meeting was to provide up-to-date information regarding current and new standards of care in the treatment of non-malignant and malignant hematologic disorders. Experts discussed the latest advances in malignant and non-malignant hematology that will help improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Moreover, we looked into key advancements in the management of certain hematological disorders. In the end the complete course covered the topics β-Thalassemia & CLL

ID/IDA & ALL, Anticoagulation & AML, Thrombosis & MPN, Bleeding disorders & Multiple myeloma  and

Hemophilia & Lymphoma. An interesting new feature during the Hematology Updates were the pre- and post-questions, so each participant could assess if there was a transfer of knowledge.

Although the webinar was targeted towards hematologists in North Africa & Middle East, participants also joined from Asia, Australia, Europe, North- and  South-America. The participation from hematologists all over the world shows the importance of the course. 

Here are a few interesting course facts:

icon1 12 topics
icon2 25 experts
icon3 Average of 317 registration per webinar
563480 Average attendance of 93 minutes per webinar
icon4 Majority of the attendees believed “The webinar had a good balance of transferring and testing knowledge”

EHA also developed courses related to the Hematology Updates webinar. The aim of the courses is to add to the learning experience, making the information discussed during the webinars available on-demand in an interactive and engaging way. Visit the campus here to access the courses.

EHA would like to thank to meeting chairs Gianluca Gaidano and Ali Taher for their continuous commitments in making the Hematology a success, all faculty members who dedicated their time in the transferring of knowledge and the attendings for their active participation in each webinar.

Last Updated on Sunday 11 June 2023.