EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Systemic Risk of Thrombosis or Bleeding

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Meeting chairs, Carlo Balduini and Anna Falanga

The meeting was well attended by more than 100 participants coming from over 20 different countries

Delegate: Great meeting. The faculty did an outstanding job of putting together a very interesting program that is 100% clinically relevant (which is rare for most meetings).  Also the speakers were of very high caliber and with the smaller format of the meeting it is very easy to approach and chat to some key opinion leaders, which is very unique.

Thrombosis meeting report image

Discussion with Carlo Balduini, James Bussel and Simon Stanworth

Over the course of three days, the knowledge was shared through lectures, interactive sessions, round tables and debates on topics such as venous thromboembolism, gender-related hemostatic disorders, bleeding risk of anticoagulation and management of bleeding risk in patients with platelet defects, amongst others were discussed.

Participants should now be able to:

  • identify the etiology and pathogenesis of thrombosis and bleeding tendency in each patient,
  • use appropriately clinical and laboratory investigations to evaluate the thrombotic and bleeding risk,
  • manage patients at risk of thrombosis and hemorrhage during everyday life and on the occasion of hemostatic challenges,
  • define how to stop bleeding once it occurs, and
  • consider the cost-benefit ratio in the choice of treatment.

After the meeting a survey was sent to the participants, the respondents gave an overall rating of 7,9 out of 10..

EHA would like to thank the meeting organizers, the delegates and the meeting sponsors:  Novartis and Medscape.

Last Updated on Wednesday 15 January 2020.