EU Parliament agrees on pharmaceutical legislation stance

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On April 10, the European Parliament adopted its position on the revision of the EU pharmaceutical legislation. For the past months, EHA has engaged with policymakers, and joined forces with medical and patient associations, to ensure hematology priorities and concerns are reflected in the legislation.

The Parliament’s position reflects the following EHA recommendations:

  • More inclusive criteria for Unmet Medical Need, accounting for patient experience
  • Deletion of dangerous restrictions to the Hospital Exemption, and the possibility for cross-border exchange
  • Enhancement of requirements pertaining to funding transparency
  • Incentivizing R&D on European soil
  • Extension of the drug repurposing provision beyond UMN

Despite several advocacy successes, a few concerns remain. For instance, stricter wording was adopted on declarations of interest, which could pose a problem for expert requests. Further details on the Parliament’s position, and feedback for MEPs, ahead of trilogues, can be found in our latest statement.

Our next steps will be:

  • Disseminating our response to the EP position to relevant policymakers
  • Upscaling our engagement on the Council side
Last Updated on Tuesday 23 April 2024.