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Taskforce DEI 2021

In 2020, EHA launched the Taskforce on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with aEHA Board mandate. The Taskforce helps direct how EHA sees itself as a communityadvises the Board and committees on promoting diversity and inclusion, and initiates activities to empower underrepresented groups.  


With almost 5,000 members across over 100 countries, diverse representation is essential for such a varied community. Every voice should be heard. As Prof Kirsten Grønbæk, EHA Board member and Taskforce leader, said on International Women’s Day:  

The EHA Taskforce […] must not only be a force for women in hematology, but for the hematology community in all its diversity.”  


As in other fields, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted existing issues of equity and inclusion in the hematology community. For instance, through the work of the YoungEHA Committee, EHA has been reaching out to early career researchers to share their experiences during the pandemicThis project is still ongoing and has already highlighted the challenges of young parents working in hematology. There is still much to be done to tackle the issues of inclusion and equity. 


The Taskforce is looking for more voices to represent the EHA communityClinicians and researchers in hematology with a passion for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged to apply. Current members of the Taskforce are listed on our website.  

Ready to take part in steering EHA policy into the future and building a more inclusive community? 

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Last Updated on Wednesday 12 May 2021.