Helping to shape Europe’s clinical trials landscape: EHA selected for ACT EU advisory group

EHA joins ACT EU advisory board image

Improving the design, efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials is the objective of the Accelerating Clinical Trials in the European Union (ACT EU) initiative. Launched in January 2022 – the month the Clinical Trials Regulation became applicable – ACT EU aims to strengthen Europe’s clinical trials environment through innovation, harmonization and collaboration.

ACT EU is a regulatory partnership formed by the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) which collaborates with sponsors, healthcare professionals, patients and ethics committees through a structural multi-stakeholder platform (ACT EU MSP). EHA has been part of the MSP since its launch in June 2023, when it presented the work of the Coalition for Reducing Bureaucracy in Clinical Trials, an EHA-led cross-disciplinary advocacy campaign by academic investigators and patient advocates seeking to enhance the quality, efficiency and patient-centricity of clinical trials.

For EHA, improving the EU’s regulatory framework for clinical trials is a key precondition for improving access to innovative therapies for patients with blood diseases across Europe. We are therefore excited to announce that EHA’s nominee, Prof Tarec El-Galaly, has been selected as a member of the MSP’s permanent Advisory Group (MSP AG). Both Prof El-Galaly and his alternate, Dr Lorenzo Brunetti, are a member of EHA’s European Affairs Committee which oversees the association’s advocacy and regulatory activities.

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Last Updated on Tuesday 16 January 2024.