Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) EMEA 2020


Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) EMEA 2020

October 9-10, 2020
Meeting Chairs:

Prof J Gribben (European Hematology Association)
Prof GH Özsan

In the second weekend of October, EHA and the Turkish Society of Hematology (TSH) kicked-off the very first virtual HOPE meeting. The meeting was attended by more than 300 attendees from Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkan (EMEA) region, in total 34 countries were represented.

Approximately four days before the meeting hematologist, clinicians and scientists started connecting with peers through the interactive virtual meetings platform. The meeting platform allowed participants to schedule meetings and video calls with other registered participants, giving attendees a virtual chance to network.

The interactivity also extended into the meeting sessions. Many attendees seized the opportunity and posted live questions during the session and some also joined the faculty on-screen and participated in a video discussion. There were speakers from more than a dozen European countries, all live streaming their presentations from their home or office.

HOPE EMEA has been a very well organized meeting, with truly excellent technical organization that favored interaction of the attendees who could express their opinions and views through different means: i) MCQs/polls; ii) Questions posed through the chat; iii) live questions. EHA truly did its best to provide HOPE EMEA with a very nice platform for interaction.

International Faculty

For this meeting the program was completely transformed and covered a broad range of topics from the EHA25 Virtual Congress. The sessions started with an Overview presentation, which provided a summary of the recent developments within AML, MDS, MPN, plasma cell disorders, lymphoproliferative disorders and benign hematology. After the overview presentation, participants split up in three smaller break-out sessions, where experts gave a short summary on a specific subject followed by interactive discussions. Besides the regular sessions, an EHA-TSH Joint Symposium on Hemoglobinopathies was organized as well as two Keynote Lectures on CAR T-cells and CLL.

It's a privilege for me to attend this meeting. I'm grateful. Sessions were very informative for me. Thanks to everyone who contributed to HOPE EMEA 2020.

HOPE EMEA Participant

For the HOPE EMEA meeting, EHA and TSH offered free registration to selected junior doctors and medical students to virtually attend these dedicated Highlights of Past EHA.

EHA would like to thank the organizing partner, the Turkish Hematology Society (TSH), as well as the sponsors, faculty, and attendees for their contribution in making HOPE EMEA a great success.

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