Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) Latin America (LA) 2023 - report

HOPE LA 2023

October 26, 2023 São Paulo, Brazil

Meeting chairs:

A Almeida - President EHA

JF Comenalli Marques Jr - President ABHH

C Chiattone - President HEMO 2023

This year, the HOPE LA meeting was held in collaboration with the Associação Brasileira de Hematologia Hemoterapia e Terapia Celular (ABHH) as part of HEMO 2023 – the Brazilian Congress of Hematology, Hemotherapy and Cell Therapy. The meeting was fully in person and registration included the whole congress, of which HOPE LA was a part.

[...] I am in the congress also today to 'mingle with' Brazilian friends and listen to some interesting talks! To see the posters give me a chance to talk to many young colleagues. - E Kimby, faculty member HOPE LA 2023 

Each session, with a room capacity of 300 attendees, was completely full showcasing the value of opening hematology discussions in Europe to the world.

 M Ladetto speaking in front of full HOPE LA room

Concentrated in a one-day program, HOPE LA featured sessions on non-malignant hematology, state of the art: gene therapy, tumor tracking and personalized medicine and clonal hematopoiesis, and myeloid malignancies. Presentations were given by EHA2023 speakers, EHA Board Members, and HOPE LA Scientific Program Committee members. Tthe sessions were chaired by representatives of nine different HOPE LA Partner Societies. To make HOPE LA accessible for participants from across the region, simultaneous translation was available, in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. This aided in the extensive discussion and interactivity, with participants being able to communicate in their native language.

Panel discussion with M Ladetto, S Leppa, and R Rosenquist; chaired by E Kimby and S Parra

Muy buena interacción con los expositores y el nivel de las presentaciones fue excelente. - L Argumanis, President of the Sociedad Peruana de Hematología

As with each HOPE meeting, HOPE LA hosted a Regional Symposium as well, with speakers nominated by partner societies. In São Paulo the topic was Access to Drugs and Treatment – a hot topic in the region. The Symposium specifically focused on acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and multiple myeloma (MM). This year’s Regional Symposium also saw a change in format: a panel discussion amongst regional participants, rather than standard presentations. The session was introduced by EHA President Antonio Almeida, who gave a brief overview of the state of accessibility to drugs and treatment options in Europe to kick-start the discussion.

Regional Symposium with A Maiolina (BR) as chair, N Schütz (AR), A Paats (PA), and P Lovato Rios (PE)

This was my first HOPE LA meeting, and I was very impressed by the interest shown by EHA members in Latin American hematology. - N Aránguiz, President-elect Chilean Society Haematology

It was extremely interesting to know the situation of AML and MM in LATAM. I guess it is a very first step.  I suggest we can design areas of basic research, as cell signaling in MM, mutations, and other that might show differences between European and Latin-American people. This efforts can include medicine schools in Europe and Latin America. - Anonymous Faculty member

The meeting would not have been possible without the invaluable input and participation by the HOPE LA Partners:



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