Meet Shaun McCann, our July volunteer of the month

Voulenteer of the month Shaun McCann 01

  • Can you tell us what you do for EHA and when you started?

I have been a member of the EHA since its beginning. I began taking part in tutorials in 2007. I began conducting 'expert interviews' 8 years ago and have been doing them ever since at the annual meeting of EHA and ASH. My book 'Blood Matters', a selection of 'expert interviews' was launched in June 2019 in Amsterdam at the 24th annual meeting of EHA. My book 'Clinical Cases Uncovered: Haematology' (CCU) has been converted into an interactive teaching module by the EHA. 

  • What is your motivation on volunteering for EHA?

The EU has been a very important development, especially for Ireland. EHA offers a platform for teaching hematology both in Europe and in other parts of the world through its 'outreach' program.

  • Why you choose to serve EHA?

EHA is the most important organization for hematologists and trainees in the EU. It also acts as a political lobby in the EU. Although we all know what hematologists do, many people, including politicians, do not, so one of the roles of the EHA is to make people and politicians aware of what we do.

  • What does volunteering for EHA give you/do to you?

It gives me a chance to meet many people and to share my teaching skills with them.

  • What would you say to others who would like to volunteer for EHA as well?

One of the great things about teaching is that you never know who you are reaching. It may only be one person in the audience but it may change that persons view of the world. As Seneca said: 'docendo discimus'.

Last Updated on Thursday 30 January 2020.