The 'i4MDS' consortium looks to the future at its second general meeting

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The International Integrative Innovative Immunology for Myelodysplastic Neoplasms consortium—also known as ‘i4MDS’—held its second general meeting in The Hague from February 9–10, 2024.

Organized by EHA and sponsorship partner Beckman Coulter, the event saw 52 participants from 27 European and US centers come together to discuss recent findings. Attendees also used the general meeting as an opportunity to brainstorm the next consortium's next steps—including possible grant applications.

Data discussions

The first day of the meeting centered around the crucial task of data dissemination and legal frameworks within the consortium.

Participants diligently shared recent findings from their respective centers, fostering an environment of collaboration and transparency. This exchange not only facilitated a deeper understanding of the collective data pool, it also laid the foundation for future impactful research endeavors.

The day also saw also rigorous discussions of the legal agreement governing data sharing among centers—emphasizing the importance of privacy, security, and ethical considerations.

Focusing on the future

On the second day of the meeting, the focus shifted towards strategizing for future endeavors.

Attendees took time to delineate work packages crucial for grant applications, ensuring their approach was both comprehensive and compelling.

Other discussions focused on allocating responsibilities and identifying centers tasked with testing panels and methodologies. The consortium established clear deadlines for this work—recognizing the importance of meeting key milestones within the first half of 2024. In doing so, it aims to both maintain its momentum and align with relevant funding opportunities.

Through meticulous planning and collaboration, the meeting saw i4MDS position itself for success—poised to leverage its collective expertise toward impactful advancements in medical research.

Dr Sanam Loghavi delivers a presentation at the i4MDS consortium's second general meeting.

Find out more

For the latest information on the consortium's membership, working groups, and publications, visit our i4MDS page.

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