Ukraine Bridge Funding - information for applicants

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The EHA Ukraine Bridge Funding Program is a 1-year non-clinical funding opportunity for Ukrainian hematologists and researchers in hematology (see press release here), now in collaboration with the American Society of Hematology, which will participate in funding and the selection process.

This page contains information for prospective applicants.

What is the purpose of the funding?

The funding enables Ukrainian hematologists and scientists exiled in Europe (EU, EFTA, and UK) to take on a 1-year work placement in Hematology and thereby:

  • Help them maintain skills or acquire new ones, and support their return to Ukraine
  • Actively facilitate and support the rebuilding of hematology in the country
  • Offer networking opportunities and cooperation with their EU, EFTA, and UK counterparts

Successful applicants will receive funding for one year, after which the funding is subject to renewal.

Who is eligible?

The funding is available to Ukrainian hematologists and scientists who are refugees in Europe (EU, EFTA, and UK). They must have the right to work in Europe (EU, EFTA, and UK), but do not need the right to practice medicine.

Candidates must be working at a PhD or postdoctoral level. However, the funding is not merit-based, and selections are not made on the basis of academic success.

Returning back to Ukraine after the war is mandatory for the candidates.

Before applying, candidates must have already found a prospective position in a European lab or institution.

How do I apply?

In order to apply or in case of any questions, please email

Forms will need to be filled out by both the candidate and the hosting lab or institution.

All applications will be considered on a rolling basis. This page will be updated once funding is no longer available.


Last Updated on Tuesday 14 November 2023.