Research Grants

The call for applications is now closed and the winners will be announced in May-June 2019. The new call for applications will open in September 2019. If you have any questions, please send a message to

EHA Research Grants support postdocs in advancing their careers, e.g. towards becoming the leader of a research group.

If you have ambition for advancing your career and you have the support of your department and institute, welcome to the homepage for EHA Research Grants!

There are three categories:

Physician Scientist Research Grant: €80,000 per year for 2 years (total €160.000)

For physician scientists who are MD or equivalent and are within 4 years after PhD graduation OR graduation of hematology training (or equivalent). They must have a proven track record in research by publications and must have at least 50% protected time for performing the research project, to be justified in the letter of support by the institute where the research will be performed. It is highly preferred that the topic of research is related to the specialty in the clinic. (e.g. LAB: developing a mouse model in MPN, CLINIC: treating MPN)

Advanced Research Grant: €80,000 per year for 2 years (total €160,000)

For basic researchers 4-8 years after their PhD graduation. This is the time interval between month of graduation and closing date of application, exceptions must be justified.

Junior Research Grant: €50,000 per year for 2 years (total €100,000)

For basic researchers within 4 years of their PhD graduation. The month of graduation must be less than 4 years before closing date of application, exceptions must be justified.

Note regarding the flexibility of EHA Research Grants
In the application stage, there is flexibility in what you want to use the funding for. Once the award is granted, there is no more flexibility. You are required to adhere to the approved budget!

How to apply

What do you need to do to win an EHA Research Grant?

Step-by-step guide

Applying, reviewing, selecting and administering the grants explained in detail

Terms & conditions

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Deadline and other important milestones

EHA policy on double awarding

Read this if you are applying for more than one EHA opportunity.

Past Recipients

Meet the past recipients of the EHA Research Grants

EHA’s Fellowships & Grants Committee selects the winners, with the help of external reviewers and the support of the EHA office. The details and instructions for applying can be found in the step by step document. For any remaining questions regarding the funding scheme or the process, please contact the talent accelerator department at