EHA policy on double awarding

EHA is guided by the concept of supporting as many young investigators/clinicians as possible in their career development. Therefore, double awarding is not allowed. Winning an award excludes the award winner from winning another award while receiving the first. Once the award has ended, you can apply for other opportunities. However, you cannot apply for an EHA mentoring program within 2 years of completing another EHA research training (including TRTH, CRTH, and CBTH). The thought behind this is that the effects of the mentorship on your research project (preclinical or clinical) have not yet had the chance to show. You should still be working on making that a success. 

Should you be the current recipient of a Research Grant, the following applies: 
For the duration that you receive a Research Grant, you cannot apply for a travel grant for the EHA congress, as your budget for the grant already includes travel, registration and accommodation for the EHA congress. Nor can you apply for a mentoring program during the grant period. 

During a year, several calls will open for different opportunities. The Bite-size Master class is excluded from this policy.