SWG Educational Activities

  • ELN – Mannheim, 31 January, 2017
  • EHA – June 24, 2017 (EHA SWG Working Group Session)
  • EWALL Meeting in Paris, France 17-18 November 2017
  • EWALL Meeting in Rome, 16-17 June  2017 

International ALL Assembly:
Together with sponsors from pharmaceutical industry a first ALL academy was conducted in January 2017 with major contributions from EHA-SWG members. The steering board consisted of Renato Bassan, Italy , Hervé Dombret, France  Nicola Gökbuget, Germany  Rupert Handgretinger, Germany, Dieter Hoelzer, Germany, Franco Locatelli, Italy, Josep Ribera, Spain  and Max Topp, Germany. This meeting was very successful and for 2018 a successor meeting was planned with the same steering board members.

EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on New Molecular Insights and Innovative Management Approaches for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia April 12-14, 2018 - Barcelona, Spain

SWG session at EHA congress: Adult ALL first line therapy: Major results and future approaches of national ALL study groups

Sabina Chiaretti: Adult ALL first line therapy: Major results and future approaches of Italian ALL study groups
Herve Dombret: France-Belgium-Switzerland: The GRAALL Intergroup
Adele Fielding: The role of allogeneic transplant in U.K. trials for adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Nicola Gökbuget: Strategies of the GMALL Group

  • Participants of the group had numerous oral and poster presentations, invited lectures at national and international meetings.
  • Clinical trials promoted by or involving the SWG: see highlights past year.
  • Collaborations on international projects promoted by or involving the SWG: Harmony project.