Highlights from the SWG

Most impactful activities

HIV Registry (NCT05231135)

This unique retrospective and prospective EHA LyG European registry was initiated in August 2021, but recruitment was stalled due to objections from the local Ethics Committee. These issues have been resolved and the recruitment started in the beginning of 2024.

This registry will create the largest repository of HIV lymphoma data for collaborative research. The objective is to analyze characteristics, type and toxicity of treatment, and outcomes of patients with HIV-related lymphoma.

Cantera lymphoma educational workshop

The 11th Cantera edition on the topic of ‘Present and future immunotherapy in lymphoma’ was held in Barcelona, Spain from April 25 to 28, 2023. It was coached by Prof John Gribben.

EHA-ESMO guideline partnership

The guidelines on HIV-related lymphomas were finalized and will be published soon.

EHA-ELI collaboration

A workshop on ‘Genomics in Lymphoma’ was held on October 16–17 at the Interuniversity Center in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

Advances in activity

EHA-ESMO guideline partnership

The EHA LyG is now working in full partnership with ESMO to develop consensus-based clinical practice guidelines. Three guidelines are in advanced development for publication. These are on:

  • HIV lymphoma
  • Primary CNS lymphoma
  • Peripheral T cell lymphomas

Restructuring of the SWG in accordance with EHA recommendations

EHA LyG has appointed:

  • a new chair—Prof Igor Aurer
  • two new Executive Board members—Prof Jan Maciej Zaucha and Prof Mats Jerkeman

The previous chair and founder of the group, Prof Martie Jose Kersten, stepped down.

The co-chair, Prof Dreyling, was reelected for another rotation.

The EB now consists of nine members from different European countries, including a representative of Young EHA.

A patient representative, who is a delegate of the Lymphoma Coalition, is actively participating at the EB and group meetings.

A consensus has been reached on the rotation of board members to enable both innovation and continuity and to preserve the national and gender balance.

Top priorities for 2024

Strengthen interactions and collaborations with ELI

We will jointly organize the next workshop on ‘Lymphoma of immunoprivileged sites’ in Stresa, Italy on October 4–5, 2024.

The local organizer will be Prof Andres Ferreri.

EHA LyG session during EHA2024

We will organize the EHA LyG session during the annual EHA Congress in Madrid. The topic will be ‘Genomics and radiomics in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.’

Cantera workshop

We will organize the 12th Cantera lymphoma educational workshop.

This year’s topic will be ‘Cellular therapy strategies for lymphomas in 2024’ and the chair will be Prof Ana Sureda. The course will be held in its home town: Lecce, Italy.