SWG Educational Activities

EHA-SWG meetings held in the past calendar year

1. EHA League Meeting, June 2021, virtual. Chair: Marie Jose Kersten

  • Dr Quintanella-Fend - Novel insights in biology of mantle cell lymphoma
  • Prof Dreyling - First line treatment of MCL
  • Dr Wang - Novel therapeutic options

There were 183 virtual live attendees and 24 attendees for on-demand session recordings. Three virtual live presentations on mantle cell were delivered.

2. EHA2022 Hybrid Congress, 10 June 2022, Vienna. Chair: Marie Jose Kersten

There were 444 in-person attendees, 419 virtual live attendees and 78 attendees for on demand sessions. Three presentations were delivered by members of the EHA Lymphoma Group:

  • Dr Hentrich – HIV-related lymphoma
  • Dr Hazenberg - COVID and SARS-CoV2 vaccination in lymphoma patients
  • Dr Brandstadter - Multicentric Castleman disease (MCD)

3. EHA Lymphoma Group Annual Meeting, 28-29 September 2022, Amsterdam. Chairs: Marie José Kersten, Martin Dreyling.

  • Dr Luminari - Elderly / Frail Patients
  • Dr Tonino – Lupiae Project
  • Dr Tetiana Skrypets and Prof. Federico – T cell projects
  • Dr de Jong – New lymphoma classifications; opportunities for research
  • Dr Hentrich and Dr Hubel – HIV related lymphomas
  • Dr Luminari – Marginal zone lymphoma
  • Dr Linton – Autologous SCT FL
  • Natacha Bolanos (Lymphoma Coalition) – Gaps in Lymphoma Data
  • Dr Nijland and Dr Chamuleau – Elderly study in DLBCL (new proposal)
  • Dr Trněný – Vitroretineal lymphoma (new proposal)
  • Dr Chamuleau – Burkitt Lymphoma Network (new proposal)
  • Dr Kuipers – CAR-TiLAGE score (new proposal)

The goal of the meeting was to discuss active and new projects with SWG members, and to scope ideas for new research collaborations. Three new projects were presented, together with a proposal to develop a Burkitt Lymphoma Network and a proposal for registry-based research presented by Natasha Bolanos, Head of Membership and Alliances at Lymphoma Coalition, a worldwide patient organisation.

There were 32 participants and 12 invited speakers:
The EHA SWG steering committee held a business meeting on day 2.
This was a joint EHA/ELI meeting, with attendees continuing to the ELI meeting.

Presentations at national and international meetings on behalf of the EHA-SWG

  1. Dr Aurer gave two virtual presentations at the EHA-AAH Balkan Hematology Tutorial held in Tirana, April 1-2 2022.
  2. Dr Walewski gave presentations at the Curie Institute in Paris (May 2022) and the MSCI Washington DC (Nov 2021) to discuss international collaboration opportunities. He presented outcomes for Burkitt Lymphoma at the ENCR Scientific Meeting (Nov 2021).

Collaborations on international projects promoted by or involving the SWG

The EHA LyG engages widely with international collaborative research groups to develop and deliver projects:

  1. Applying the simplified geriatric assessment to treatment of DLBCL and HL, collaboration with the Fondazione Italiana Linfomi (Merli, Luminari et al)
  2. LUPIAE prospective registry in relapsed and refractory FL, developed by the EHA LyG and delivered in collaboration with 11 countries in Europe and the UK (Tonino et al)
  3. International T cell project 2.0 (TCP2.0) and sub-studies (DANTE, Virtual Review, MATURE and PET) developed by the EHA LyG and delivered in collaboration with 8 countries in Europe, US, South America and India (Skrypets, Federico, Luminari, Stepanishyna, Manni, Ahearne, Gru, Lückemeier et al)
  4. HIV lymphoma registry (NCT05231135) and international guidelines developed by an EHA LyG-ESMO collaboration involving 6 countries in Europe and the UK (Hentrich et al)
  5. PET in MZL (PIMENTO study), a FIL/IELSG/French study delivered in partnership with the EHA LyG across 3 European countries (Luminari et al)
  6. The Burkitt Lymphoma Network (www.burkitt-lymphoma.org), an international consortium established 2022 (Chamuleau et al)

Translational work promoted by or involving the SWG

  1. DANTE (Dynamic Assessment of circulating tumor DNA in T-cell Lymphoma), an international T cell project 2.0 sub-study (Ahearne et al)
  2. PET evaluation in PTCLs and its prognostic role: an international multicenter analysis by the TCP2.0 (Luminari et al)
  3. FIL_ELDHL (Prospective study on elderly (≥ 65 years) patients affected with classical Hodgkin Lymphoma undergoing Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment at diagnosis), embedded translational research validating the prognostic role of PET2, evaluating TMA biomarkers and assessing the role of immune senescence

Grants received by SWG related networks or principal investigators

1. EHA Board kick-off grant – announcement of successful applicants is expected soon