SWG Educational Activities

Social and public EHA-related activities

X/Twitter account

The SWG on Infections in Hematology has an account on X (formerly known as Twitter). Our name on X is @EHAInfectionsH1.

Follower growth

Our account had:

  • 215 followers as of January 30, 2023—up 47 from the previous year
  • 348 followers as of March 26, 2024—up 133 from the previous year

EHA SWG Business Meeting


September 7, 2023.

Topics covered

  • Update on EPICOVIDEHA registry.
  • Presentation of EPICOVIDEHA – EPIFLUEHA registry.
  • Update on EHA Congress 2023 and 2024.
  • Dissemination activities.
  • Updates on other ongoing projects.
  • Proposals for new projects.
  • Open floor for participant contributions.