Tools and Overview Tables

Since the initiation of SWG on Infections in Hematology in 2017, 183 members from 25 countries have joined the group.

The SWG aims at building a clinical trial network on infection in hematology. Thus, all members of the SWG got access to the SiteManagementSystem (

The SWG has uploaded several clinical tool and guidance documents to its EHA SWG website.

Tools and overview tables for infectious diseases management

  1. Treatment standard in febrile neutropenia, UKK
  2. Galactomannan testing for invasive aspergillosis
  3. Protocol for Investigation and Management of IFI in Haematology Patients (Cardiff and Vale University Health Board)
  4. Available guidelines on infections in hematology
  5. Mucor Emergency Procedure Standard Card
  6. Equal Score Cards for the management of invasive fungal infections

    A) Aspergillosis

E) Scedosporiosis/Lomentosporiosis

F) Trichosporon