Highlights from the SWG

The following activities, which were organized by EMN, also constitute contributions to and participation in the work of the EHA SWG on Multiple Myeloma.

Annual meetings

The SWG organized a session at the 24th Annual Meeting of EHA in Frankfurt entitled ‘Multiple Myeloma: Novel outcome endpoints in trials and in daily clinical practice.’

Also, a combined session of EHA and the International Myeloma Society (IMS) was organized at the Annual Meeting of the IMS in Athens. This session was entitled ‘Minimal Residual Disease in Multiple Myeloma.’

Active trials

EMN members perform collaborative research based on primary samples from patients participating in their clinical trials.

In 2023, EMN received a grant of $7 million from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) for molecular analysis of treatment resistance in high-risk disease.

During that year, members of the EHA SWG on Multiple Myeloma had a leading role in the following EMN trials.


Other identifying number/names 54767414MMY3013 APOLLO
Setting RRMM
Study phase III
Drug(s) Dara Pd vs Pd
Principal investigator Professor E.Terpos
Countries (sites) Bel (4), Cze (2), Den (2), Fr (6), Ger (5), Gr (5), Ita (6), Ned (4), Pol (2), Ser (1), Spa (7), Tur (7)
Patients enrolled 353 patients screened & 304 patients randomized
Number of patients needed 302 randomized
Study milestones Final analysis summer 2022 (July 2020 was IA). Now in final follow up stage. Published


Other identifying number/names MMY3014 - PERSEUS
Setting NDMM
Study phase III
Drug(s) Dara-VRd vs VRd
Principal investigator Prof. P. Sonneveld
Countries (sites) AU (6), BE (3), CZ (2), DN (7), FR (25), DE (3), GR (4), IT (29), NL (10), NO (2), PL (3), ES (21), SW (6), TR (5)
Patients enrolled 709
Number of patients needed 690 (recruitment completed) Published 2023


Other identifying number/names None
Setting NDMM
Study phase II
Drug(s) Dara VCD vs VTD
Principal investigator Professors M.Boccadoro, M.Cavo
Countries (sites) CZ (6), GR (3), IT (19)
Patients enrolled 401
Number of patients needed 400 (recruitment completed)


Other identifying number/names ANTARES
Setting MM & extramedullary disease
Study phase II
Drug(s) Dara- CyBorD
Principal investigator Professor M. Beksac
Countries (sites) Gr (2) Ita (2) Tur (4)
Patients enrolled 41 Recruitment completed
Number of patients needed 40


Other identifying number/names 54767414AMY2005 Alcaeus
Setting High Risk Amyloidosis
Study phase II
Drug(s) Dara
Principal investigator Professor S. Kastritis
Countries (sites) Gr (1), Ita (1), Ned (1), Fr (2)
Patients enrolled 40 recruitment complete
Number of patients needed 40 Completed, presented at ASH2023


Other identifying number/names 54767414AMY0001
Setting RWE Amyloidosis
Study phase Retrospective data collection
Principal investigator Professor S.Kastritis
Countries (sites) Austria (1), Cze (1), Fr (2), Ger (1), Gr (1), Ita (1), Ned (2), Port (2), Sp (1), UK (1)
Patients enrolled Recruitment complete (4480 patients)
Number of patients needed Approx. 5000 (1st line AL-Amyloidosis patients treated from 2004 – 2018 incl.)


Other identifying number/names ISKIA
Setting NDMM ASCT-eligible
Study phase III
Drug(s) Isa-KRd vs KRd
Principal investigator Professors F.Gay & A. Broijl
Countries (sites) BE (1), CZ (4), DE (3), ES (6), GR (2), IT (12), NL (13), NO (2)
Patients enrolled 302
Number of patients needed 300 (recruitment completed) Presented at ASH2023


Other identifying number/names --
Setting NDMM - maintenance post ASCT
Study phase II
Drug(s) Iberdomide
Principal investigator Professors F. Gay & vN. an de Donk
Countries (sites) FR (7), GR (2), IT (10), NL (7)
Patients enrolled 88
Number of patients needed 120 (completed), presented at ASH2023


Other identifying number/names --
Setting relapsed or refractory AL amyloidosis
Study phase II
Drug(s) Belantamab Mafodotin
Principal investigator Prof. Kastritis
Countries (sites) GR (1) IT (1) NL (1) FR (1) DE (1) UK (1)
Patients enrolled 31
Number of patients needed 36


Other identifying number/names Cartitude-6 / Emagine study
Setting NDMM
Study phase III
Drug(s) DVRd+ASCT+DVRd+R vs DVRd+Cilta-cel+R
Principal investigator P. Sonneveld & M. Boccadoro
Countries (sites) AU, BE, CA, CZ, DE, FR, GR, IL, IT, JP, KR, NL, NO, ES, SE, CH, UK, USA
Patients enrolled 100 – 105
Number of patients needed 750 pts. Ongoing


Other identifying number/names -
Setting RRMM
Study phase III
Drug(s) Sel-Pom-dex vs Elo-Pom-dex
Principal investigator K. Weisel
Countries (sites) DE, FR, GR, NL, IT, ES, US
Patients enrolled 22, 7 SF
Number of patients needed 222 (per new Amendment) Ongoing


Other identifying number/names MajesTEC-4
Setting NDMM
Study phase III
Drug(s) Teclistamab – Lenalidomide maintenance post ASCT
Principal investigator E. Zamagni, N. Van de Donk
Countries (sites) 16(115 sites) increasing to 24 (approx. 250 sites)
Patients enrolled 32 patients
Number of patients needed 1520 with amendment Ongoing


Other identifying number/names Taurus
Setting NDMM
Study phase II
Drug(s) Dara-VRD MRD technique comparison
Principal investigator E. Zamagni, N. Van de Donk
Countries (sites) AT (4), DE (3), GR (3), IT (15), NL(8)
Patients enrolled Not enrolling yet
Number of patients needed 200


Other identifying number/names -
Setting High-risk SMM
Study phase II
Drug(s) Elranatamab vs Rd
Principal investigator C. Touzeau & A. Broijl
Countries (sites) IT, NL, FR, GR
Patients enrolled Not enrolling yet
Number of patients needed 50 Open for inclusion

EMN Biobanking

Other identifying number/names -
Study phase observational
Drug(s) -
Principal investigator Dr. M van Duin, Dr. M D’Agostino
Countries (sites) IT (22), CZ (8), GR (2), AT (7), TR (3), RS (4)
Patients enrolled 7
Number of patients needed 6000

EMN Covid data collection

Other identifying number/names -
Setting Any MM patients with Covid-19 infection
Study phase observational
Drug(s) -
Principal investigator Prof. G. Cook
Countries (sites) IT (42), CZ (3), GR (3), BE (26), NL (4), AT (2), UK (6)
Patients enrolled 1041
Number of patients needed 1000