Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)

The SWG on Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) focuses on the promotion and exchange of scientific and clinical evidence, ideas and projects in the field of MDS. Activities include efforts to reinforce the collaboration in this medical field across clinicians across Europe, especially in terms of common clinical studies and translational research. This is, for instance, implemented by the organization of meetings.

In addition, the working group has the tasks of reviewing and, if applicable, reworking current guidelines in MDS. The clinical trial platform of the SWG, EMSCO, can be accessed at

This SWG includes the subcommittee of bone marrow failure immunology. Dysregulated immune response is becoming an increasingly important part of bone marrow failure syndromes (BMFs) pathophysiology, ranging from a combination of dysfunctional immunoregulation and active cellular immune response in acquired aplastic anaemia to an immunosuppression feature and smouldering myeloid derived inflammation in high risk MDS. There are also evidences to suggest that immune signatures not only have prognostic value but could also be used for patient stratification and as predictors for response to therapy.

The aim of SWG subcommittee for BMF immunology is to coordinate scientific activities within European centres and facilitate collaborations at national and international levels.

This subcommittee consists of experts (clinicians and scientists) in the field of bone marrow failure immunology with specific emphasis on MDS, Acquired Aplastic Anaemia and PNH. The aims of this subcommittee are as below:

  • To form a working group of expertise in this field for collaboration and to identify necessary areas of clinical and fundamental research, to promote research activities through organising specific events, workshops or training sessions within EHA meetings.
  • To evaluate and suggest new diagnostic tests and scoring systems for patient stratification.
  • To evaluate, suggest and participate in clinical trials to facilitate recruitment and related research projects.
  • To support next generation haematologists with interests in bone marrow failure immunology through invitation to special meetings and financial support through EHA by designing specific grants.

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