SWG Educational Activities

EHA-SWG meetings

An EMSCO meeting was held in October 2023 (Nice, France). This involved two days of intense discussions on:

  • The science of MDS
  • Current and future trials

The SWG meeting was embedded, with a specific focus on designing clinical trials.

Presentations at national and international meetings

Contributions to EHA2023

Contributions to ASH 2023

Collaborations on international projects

Continued involvement in HARMONY and EuroBloodNet EU initiatives.

Several common clinical trials in conduct and planning phase (in both LR and HR MDS), partly involving translational programs.

Currently ongoing collaborative trials in MDS:

  • LUSPLUS trial (NCT05181592)
  • LENNON trial (NCT05384691)
  • LUCAS trial (NCT05178342)
  • CANFIRE trial (NCT05237713)
  • IMpress trial (NCT05583552)
  • PALOMA trial (NCT04061239)

Other activities

  • Several SWG members have acted as reviewers for the EHA congresses.
  • Individual study group meetings, MDS workshops etc. on country level.
  • Country-level patient days.