Precision Hematology

Definition: SWG-Precision Hematology focus on precision medicine for malignant hematology. Current step in development is to increase precision: Apply new technologies to improve functional classification of cancer based on biology, innovate in clinical trial design and change the regulatory landscape to provide the necessary flexibility. The ultimate goal is to increase precision to a level to reach personalized therapies for every patient. We recognize that this goal will not be reached in 5 years. 

Mission: contribution to implementation of precision hematology at multiple levels with the aim to provide best possible care for individual patients based on the characteristics of their cancer 

Goals of SWG “Precision Hematology”

1. Foster research in precision hematology.

  • Promote scientific exchange and education,
  • Develop frameworks to enable translational research: e.g. standardized data and sample collections,
  • Joint funding applications.

2. Foster the development of diagnostic tests, platforms and technologies that enable therapy matching.

  • Scientific exchange and education,
  • Developing frameworks and reporting standards of results across molecular and functional platforms,

3. Foster clinical trials that evaluate these tests in their capabilities to improve patient care.

  • Scientific exchange,
  • Developing concepts of Precision Medicine (PM) trial design,
  • Lobby for public funding of PM trials.

4. Foster access to drugs upon molecular or functional test results,

  • Outline and develop the legal and ethical requirement for histology-agnostic therapy matching,
  • Engage with stakeholders (patients, doctors, public, industry).

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