Red Cells and Iron

This SWG covers the clinical areas of inherited and acquired disorders of the erythrocyte and iron metabolism. Inherited disorders include hemoglobinopathies and related disorders, disorders of metabolism, membrane abnormalities and other disorders of red blood cell shape, dyserythropoietic anemias and failure of erythroid cell production, and inherited erythrocytosis.

Activities of the group include facilitating clinical trials on new drugs for red cell disorders, preparing and evaluating existing guidelines for the best clinical practice, and promoting research programs between clinicians and researchers. Moreover, specific educational programs will be established.

The SWG includes the following subcommittees: 

  • Iron disorders: Martina Mukenthaler, Germany
  • Hemolytic anemias: Achille Iolascon, Italy
  • Congenital bone marrow failure, aplastic anemias, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria: Antonio M Risitano, Italy
  • Thalassemia and Congenital Hemoglobinopathies: Ali Taher, Lebanon
  • Anemia in the elderly: Reinhard Stauder, Austria
  • Sickle Cell Disease: Lucia De Franceschi, Italy

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