Standards for functional precision medicine project update, December 2023

A project update from Prof Philipp Staber.

We're confident that we'll successfully finish our SWG-initiated small research project, ‘standards for functional precision medicine (StFPM),’ within the next six months.

Objective 1 of this project is to hold a focused workshop among key players in functional precision medicine (FPM).

In preparation for this, we collected feedback on the draft manuscript. In light of this feedback, we decided to change the name to ‘minimum information for reporting functional precision medicine data (mifPM).’

The focused workshop will be held in February 2024. This will be followed by the submission of the agreed manuscript, which is objective 2.

Before submission, in March 2024, we'll install publicly accessible server space to provide a wiki-type repository of published FPM data. This is objective 3.