Hematology and hematologists worldwide are working in an exciting fast-paced medical field and an ever-changing world around them.

The field’s internal speed of changes and front-line accomplishments in the medical field create an increasing need for adaptions to new techniques and therapies. Immunotherapy is one of those rapidly developing treatments, with promising components like chimeric-antigen-receptor therapy (CAR T) and other treatments.

At the same time, socio-economic developments also have a considerable impact on health care, as mass migration and an aging population incrementally change the incidence of diseases previously rare in Europe. These change the incidence of hemoglobinopathies and a new need for education arises to ensure the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, language barriers and political issues like immigration status have a further influence on the access to medicine.

Following all these rapid and promising developments, EHA launched two dedicated Topics-in-Focus Programs:

  • Immunotherapy with a focus on CAR T Cell Therapy
  • Hemoglobinopathies with a focus on Sickle Cell Disease

These initiatives will unlock knowledge and update you on the latest information EHA has to offer.

Stay informed on what’s new in the Topics-in-focus pipe-line.

CAR T Cell Net

One day, CAR T Cell therapy will become a routine treatment option to physicians.

Sickle Cell Net

Access to quality healthcare and a cure for all affected children and adults with sickle cell disease.

Research Grants

Announcing the EHA Topic-in-Focus Research Grants, specific for immunotherapy or hemoglobinopathy research.