Hematology is an exciting, fast-paced medical field, in the front-line of an ever-changing world. The speed of change in clinical, molecular, and technological innovations confront hematologists with the need to quickly adapt to new techniques and therapies.

EHA launched the Topics-in-Focus program to support hematologists in this rapidly developing world. The major aims of the program are to raise awareness, provide education, develop further research, and build a network of experts in specific fast-growing areas.

The Precision Hematology Topics-in-Focus program will promote innovative concepts for diagnostics and innovative clinical trial designs, which should translate into the clinical application of precision hematology. The goal of the program is to develop and optimize a European regulatory framework for precision hematology, with a focus on diagnostics and clinical research in malignant hematology.

The Hemoglobinopathies Topics-in-Focus program aims to expand awareness and education about these increasingly common genetic diseases in Europe, among healthcare professionals, patients and the general population. The program addresses medical and public health issues in the prevention, early diagnosis and management of hemoglobinopathies, with a focus on Sickle Cell Disease.


Precision Hematology

An overview of EHA initiatives in precision hematology, from education to upcoming meetings.


Discover EHA’s resources on hemoglobinopathies, including educational clinical courses, research initiatives and more.