Hematology is an exciting, fast-paced medical field, in the front-line of an ever-changing world. The speed of change in clinical, molecular, and technological innovations confront hematologists with the need to quickly adapt to new techniques and therapies.  

The Topics-in-Focus program was launched by EHA to support hematologists in this rapidly developing scenario, aiming to raise awareness, provide education, further research, and build a network of experts in specific fast-growing areas 

Immunotherapy is one of these areas, a field that after decades-long history experienced rapid acceleration due to new basic knowledge, cutting-edge technologies and innovative clinical applications. Immune-modulating treatments, including chimeric-antigen-receptor (CAR-T) cells, checkpoint inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs), are already changing the management of many hematological diseases and the life of patients and their physicians. New educational and formative needs arise from this revolution, prompting EHA to involve itself in this field. 

Besides technological innovations, socio-economic developments also have a considerable impact on health care, as mass migrations and a constantly moving world population incrementally change the incidence of diseases previously rare in Europe. Hemoglobinopathies are bound to become a relevant clinical issue in Europe in the next years,  calling the entire hematology community  to ensure the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for these patients. Furthermore, language barriers and political issues like immigration status have a further influence on the access to medicine, and also need to be dealt with 

Finally, in a world stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic, with its heavy impact on hematologic patients’ diagnosis and treatment, a dedicated Information Center providing resources and education was developed to reflect EHA’s commitment to supporting hematologists in this difficult crisis. 

Learn more about the EHA strategy and activities in Immunotherapy (focus on hematologic diseases) and in Hemoglobinopathies (focus on Sickle Cell Disease), and access COVID-19 & Hematology content, by exploring the links below. 



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COVID-19 & Hematology

Access the COVID-19 & Hematology Information Center.