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As a junior member of EHA, you are part of the YoungEHA family. The space EHA has for juniors is expanding and EHA wishes to provide services and activities to support junior researchers, clinicians and other young professionals involved in hematology in Europe.

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YoungEHA is an inclusive community focused on inspiring young hematologists and helping them achieve their full potential. We invite all young hematologists to join us in promoting unity amongst peers. YoungEHA believes in you and the “vision of your future”. Support us by using our hashtags: #YoungEHA #VisionOfYourFuture #ChangeOfMindset


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Currently, the following opportunities exist for YoungEHA:

Research Grants

If you are collaborating with another group/institute in a different country, get your travel and subsistence funded with a Research Mobility Grant or if the institute is in Japan, apply for the EHA-JSH Exchange Fellowship.

Other opportunities

  • EHA Campus contains congress materials, webcasts, expert interviews, accredited clinical cases, articles and more.
  • The Master Class is an online program that allows hematologists to study real patient cases, in groups, together with colleagues from all over the world.
  • The Hematology Curriculum is a comprehensive, detailed and itemized description of all topics in the specialty of hematology. The online version is available here

The YoungEHA community is growing. Would you like to play an active role in the YoungEHA community (e.g. in a thinktank, or providing case studies for our online learning center), please contact us at

The YoungEHA community is represented by the YoungEHA committee and can be contacted at

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