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Meet the YoungEHA committee:

  Mandy Lauw  

Name: Mandy N. Lauw, MD PhD (Chair)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: The Netherlands (currently) and Canada

Interests: Optimizing opportunities and networks for early career professionals in EHA whilst ensuring equal engagement of young basic and clinical scientists in both malignant and benign hematology.

Anna Kabanova v2

Name: Anna Kabanova, PhD (Vice-Chair)

Role: Basic and translational  scientist

Training/work: Switzerland and Italy (currently)

Interests: Creating more connections between biologists and clinical hematologists.

Nuno Borges

Name: Nuno Borges, MBBS MRes (member)

Role: Physician

Training/work: Portugal and UK (currently)

Interests: Improving member engagement with YoungEHA and promoting opportunities for international cooperation.

   R Irimia  

Name: Ruxandra Irimia, MD (member)

Role: Physician

Training/work: Romania (currently), USA

Interests: career development opportunities (mentoring, training); strengthening the connections between YoungEHA and the local national hematology associations.


 Lorenzo Brunetti  

Name: Lorenzo Brunetti, MD PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Italy

Interests: Boosting connections between young hematologists and EHA.

     Ann Kathrin Eisfeld  

Name: Ann-Kathrin Eisfeld, MD (ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany and USA (currently)

Interests: Fostering connections between EHA and the US including transitioning between both places, supporting physician-scientists with focus on research-heavy careers (“80/20”), expanding EHA to High School students, to enable an early connection of young talents to EHA including development of a summer research program.

       Eleni Gavriilaki2

Name: Eleni Gavriilaki, MD PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Greece (currently) and USA

Interests: Collaboration with national and international societies, expanding research and clinical networks with other specialties or scientists (computing, mechanics, physchology)


Name: Carlo Zaninetti, MD PhD (Member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany (currently) and Italy

Interests: Scientific cooperation and networking in the field of non-oncologic hematology.


     Fabienne Lucas v2  

Name: Fabienne Lucas, MD PhD (ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany and UK (training), USA (currently)

Interests: Communications, new media, YoungEHA website.


Name: Rafal Machowicz, MD, PhD, MSc (member)

Role:  Physician scientist

Training/work: Poland (currently) and USA, France, Germany

Interests: Helping others to see the beauty of hematology. Bridging between scientists from different backgrounds for better research. Sparking students' interest in hematology.

   Alba Maiques Diaz v2  

Name: Alba Maiques-Diaz, PhD (member)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: Spain

Interests: Empowering YoungEHA women and helping to expand their careers.

       Marek Mraz v2  

Name: Marek Mraz, MSc MD PhD (ambassador)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: USA (training) and Czech Republic (currently)

Interests: Helping early career scientists interested in basic and translational research in hematology, and encouraging young people to engage in EHA activities.

      William Grey 2

Name: William Grey, PhD (member)

Role: Basic and Translational Scientist

Training/work: UK

Interests: Help promote emerging research in haematology, highlighting new technology, new scientific approaches and encouraging translational biology to all. I hope to shine a light on emerging researchers and bring scientists with new ideas to the European haematology community to help drive innovation in our research.

          Ana YoungEHA

Name: Ana Zelić Kerep, MD, PhD candidate (Ambassador)

Role: hematology resident

Training/work: Croatia and USA

Interests: creating and boosting community, raising awareness about important work-life balance topics

Koray photo  

Name: Koray Yalçın, MD (Ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Türkiye (currently) and Germany

Interests: Take a role for building a strong connection between YoungEHA and all national societies. Encouraging young hematologists to be a part of EHA.

 Katherine Bridge

Name: Katherine Bridge, PhD (member)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: UK

Interests: Enhancing research culture through advocating equity and inclusion, promoting provision and support for young haematologists/researchers with children, promoting mental health awareness in research culture.

Elmira YoungEHA

Name: Elmira Vagapova (Ambassador)

Role: PhD student

Training/work: Russia

Interests: science communication, fellowships for early career scientists, mentoring programs, improving knowledge of students and young scientists in conferences, professional organizations and career opportunities 


Name: Ana Filipa Marques Saraiva, MD (Member)

Role: Physician/Hematology Resident

Training/work: Portugal

Interests: Invest in the standardization of education across Europe to give everyone the same level of care, regardless of their country of origin and level of resources. Create new ways of learning (and teaching), by fostering more cross border collaboration initiatives and develop policies that nurture and promote innovation and cooperation.


Name: Côme Bommier, MD (Ambassador)

Role: Physician-scientist

Training/work: France

Interests: Fostering connections between EHA and residents or early career physicians-scientists in France."


Name: Karina Tozatto Maio, MD PhD (Ambassador)

Role: Physician

Training/work: Brazil (currently) and France

Interests: Bring YoungEHA and national societies together to establish strong scientific collaborations.


Name: Sebastian Vosberg, PhD (Ambassador)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: Germany and Austria (currently)

Interests: Promoting interdisciplinarity: giving young hematologists an understanding of bioinformatics and vice versa to bridge gaps between these areas.


Name: Stefan Bjelosevic, PhD (Ambassador)

Role: Postdoctoral Fellow (Basic/translational scientist)

Training/work: Australia

Interests: Fostering greater collaboration between haematology professionals in Europe and Australia (basic/translational scientists and clinicians).


Name: Antonella Fidanza, PhD (Ambassador)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: Italy (training), Spain and Scotland

Interests: Career development opportunity for young scientists progressing to independence by supporting them to establish new collaborations with other scientists.

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