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Meet the YoungEHA committee:

  Mandy Lauw  

Name: Mandy N. Lauw, MD PhD (Chair)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: The Netherlands (currently) and Canada

Interests: Optimizing opportunities and networks for early career professionals in EHA whilst ensuring equal engagement of young basic and clinical scientists in both malignant and benign hematology.

Anna Kabanova v2

Name: Anna Kabanova, PhD (Vice-Chair)

Role: Basic and translational  scientist

Training/work: Switzerland and Italy (currently)

Interests: Creating more connections between biologists and clinical hematologists.

         Elina Beleva

Name: Elina Beleva, MD, PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Bulgaria

Interests: Motivated to foster cross-region collaboration and integration.

   Nuno Borges  

Name: Nuno Borges, MBBS MRes (member)

Role: Physician

Training/work: Portugal and UK (currently)

Interests: Improving member engagement with YoungEHA and promoting opportunities for international cooperation.

 Lorenzo Brunetti  

Name: Lorenzo Brunetti, MD PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Italy

Interests: Boosting connections between young hematologists and EHA.

     Ann Kathrin Eisfeld  

Name: Ann-Kathrin Eisfeld, MD (ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany and USA (currently)

Interests: Fostering connections between EHA and the US including transitioning between both places, supporting physician-scientists with focus on research-heavy careers (“80/20”), expanding EHA to High School students, to enable an early connection of young talents to EHA including development of a summer research program.

       Eleni Gavriilaki2

Name: Eleni Gavriilaki, MD PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Greece (currently) and USA

Interests: Collaboration with national and international societies, expanding research and clinical networks with other specialties or scientists (computing, mechanics, physchology)

      R Irimia

Name: Ruxandra Irimia, MD (member)

Role: Physician

Training/work: Romania (currently), USA

Interests: career development opportunities (mentoring, training); strengthening the connections between YoungEHA and the local national hematology associations.

     Fabienne Lucas v2  

Name: Fabienne Lucas, MD PhD (ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany and UK (training), USA (currently)

Interests: Communications, new media, YoungEHA website.


Name: Rafal Machowicz, MD, PhD, MSc (member)

Role:  Physician scientist

Training/work: Poland (currently) and USA, France, Germany

Interests: Helping others to see the beauty of hematology. Bridging between scientists from different backgrounds for better research. Sparking students' interest in hematology.

   Alba Maiques Diaz v2  

Name: Alba Maiques-Diaz, PhD (member)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: Spain

Interests: Empowering YoungEHA women and helping to expand their careers.

       Marek Mraz v2  

Name: Marek Mraz, MSc MD PhD (ambassador)

Role: Basic and translational scientist

Training/work: USA (training) and Czech Republic (currently)

Interests: Helping early career scientists interested in basic and translational research in hematology, and encouraging young people to engage in EHA activities.

      Christian Scharenberg png

Name: Christian Scharenberg, MD PhD (member)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Germany, USA and Sweden (currently)

Interests: Fostering the interaction and cooperation of young physician-scientists and basic researchers at the European level, develop a trainee day at the annual congress, career development (TRTH, CRTH).

          Ana YoungEHA

Name: Ana Zelić Kerep, MD, PhD candidate (Ambassador)

Role: hematology resident

Training/work: Croatia and USA

Interests: creating and boosting community, raising awareness about important work-life balance topics

Koray photo  

Name: Koray Yalçın, MD (Ambassador)

Role: Physician scientist

Training/work: Turkey (currently) and Germany

Interests: Take a role for building a strong connection between YoungEHA and all national societies. Encouraging young hematologists to be a part of EHA.

Elmira YoungEHA

Name: Elmira Vagapova (Ambassador)

Role: PhD student

Training/work: Russia

Interests: science communication, fellowships for early career scientists, mentoring programs, improving knowledge of students and young scientists in conferences, professional organizations and career opportunities 

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