Words of wisdom

Do you ever wonder what established leaders in the field would tell their younger selves? We have asked this question for you! Every month we bring to you a unique career perspective from people who have once been in your shoes. #perspective

John Gribben - Barts Cancer Institute

EHA President

Interview at CRTH 2018 

  • Pay more attention to work/life balance
  • Never answer an email in anger
  • Say no to things more often

Kimmo Porkka - University of Helsinki

EHA Executive Board Member

Interviewed at CRTH 2018

  • Do more what you want, not what you think the others want you to do
  • Carpe diem – live and enjoy right now, not in the future (when you have graduated, finished specialization, PhD project, retired…)
  • Relax a bit – life is serious, but not SO serious
  • And a bonus: avoid bad people – do not waste your time trying to change them or yourself