European Affairs

Advocating & collaborating for hematology

EHA serves as the face and voice of hematology and hematology professionals in Europe. To promote the interests of our members in policy, regulatory and scientific areas and networks, EHA engages with the EU institutions and relevant stakeholders including patients, learned societies and other professional groups, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations and public health NGOs.

Key European Affairs activities:

  • Raising awareness of hematology as an innovative medical discipline and its specific needs
  • Developing and advocating positions on issues of interest to EHA members
  • Building partnerships and alliances
  • Contributing to the shaping and implementation of EU policies and legislation
  • Ensuring involvement of hematologists in relevant regulatory processes and (cross-disciplinary) scientific networks

Advocacy priorities:

  • Affordable and equal access to innovative therapies
  • Support for hematology research (EU funding and research policies)
  • Better regulation (oriented towards clinical and patient needs and benefits)

Within these overarching themes, EHA focuses on specific challenges around precision diagnostics, personalized medicine, rare hematological diseases, the need for more innovative and less bureaucratic clinical trials, and harmonization of education and training of hematologists.

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