Lighting the Flame: Sparking Interest in Hematology



Are you a medical student, intern, or resident interested in choosing hematology as your specialty?


EHA offers mentorship and guidance to get familiar with hematology as clinician and/or researcher. The program aims to provide you with a clearer idea of what hematology entails from a practical point of view and get a head-start in the field.

We do this by:

  • Providing information on clinical training and research in hematology in European countries, including summer job opportunities
  • Supporting mentoring from EHA hematologists and researchers
  • Facilitating contacts with national societies

Who should join?

The program is aimed at medical students, interns, or residents who have not yet decided on their field of specialty, but who may be interested in working as clinical hematologists or researchers (basic or translational research).

If in the middle of the program the participant discovers that hematology is not for him/her, it is absolutely fine.

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What can you expect?


Phase 1: An online campus offering you basic educational tools about hematology, interviews with clinicians and researchers giving insights into their personal experiences, and courses in hematology. Sixinteractive, practical online workshops on Anemia, Bleeding disorder and Acute leukemia which will take place between January and June.






March 28th


Karina Tozatto Maio

Sickle cell disease (Anemias)

April 13th


Verena Wais

Immunotherapy (cellular therapy)

April 20th


Nuno Borges

Acute leukemia (clinical)

TBA (May)



Acute leukemia (research)

May 31st


Nika Capellini


June 15th


Manuela Spadea

Pediatrics Hematology

To join the online trainings we will send a Zoom link a few days in advance through The Lighting The Flame Campus. If the participant does not receive the message can write an email to

Phase 2: A ''real life'' dialogue with mentors in the form of a retreat, where you will be able to network. This phase is available to a selected group of participants who completed phase 1 and meet a number of criteria.*

Phase 3: An in-depth, mentoring follow-up retreat with educational meetings and activities on various areas of study in hematology.

*Selection process for Phase 2: 

A call for interest will be made in the online platform and all the Lighting the Flame registrants will receive an invitation to participate in Phase 2 via email. Participants will be asked to provide: ·        

  • Letter of motivation*  
  • Evidence of commitment to hematology 
  • Previous involvement in hematology research 
  • Academic achievement 
  • European country
  • Recommendation letter (optional)

The retreat will take place in Romania from July 13th to 16th, 2023. The application process will open from April 10th to May 15th. The list of the selected participants will be communicated by email soon after.

The selection of the participants will be made by the chair and vice-chair from the education committee, and two members of the education department.


What is the participation cost?

The first phase of ‘Lighting the Flame’ program is available to everyone free of charge. The two following phases are also free of charge but available only to participants who participated to phase 1 and meet a number of criteria.



Would you like to take a more active role in fostering the next generation of professionals in hematology? Are you:

  • A (hematology) professor or mentor who would like to tell students or junior residents about this opportunity? You can refer them to the ‘Lighting the Flame’ program. The online platform will be freely available to all. We welcome any suggestions you might have on content (summer job opportunities or other),
  • An EHA member (researcher and/or clinician) who would like to share their experience? Stay tuned for the survey we will soon send out
  • Representing a national hematology society and would like to collaborate on this exciting program? We will soon contact all National Societies to exchange about this new program.

Please contact us at

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 Created by EHA and supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca