National societies

Together we are stronger in advancing European hematology and improving health care.

The European National Hematology Societies are the core stakeholders of EHA. In order to create strong and dynamic networks, the European Hematology Association (EHA) shares information and views on EHA-related activities with the National Societies (NSs).

Every year representatives of the National Hematology Societies and EHA meet to discuss items of primary importance and mutual interest to both EHA and the NSs.
Harmonization of hematology training in Europe, improving access to education, lobbying for hematology, and improving access to medicines are the most common topics on the agenda of the meetings.

EHA is aiming to further advance the existing collaboration between EHA and the European National Societies in the areas of Education & Training, European Affairs and Membership.

Education and training

Being one of the largest international, independent providers of hematological knowledge EHA offers a unique Medical Education Program, which can be beneficial for every hematologist in Europe. EHA is open for collaboration with the European Hematology Societies on the following educational projects:

EBAH-CME providers

National societies are eligible to become official EBAH-CME Providers. As an EBAH-CME Provider, national societies are able to accredit national society events according to the EBAH Standards & Guidelines. Official EBAH-CME Providers do not need the EBAH-CME review board as they review the meetings independently. For more information, please contact Fabiola de Andrade at

European affairs

The overall aim of the EHA European Affairs Committee is to represent and advocate the interests of hematology and hematologists in European politics where patient care, research, and education are concerned:

  • Research: better regulatory environment, more funding opportunities
  • Education: improve and harmonize education and training
  • Patient care: improve access to medicines

EHA and National Societies are increasingly looking for alignment and joint/complementary advocacy on issues of mutual interest.

Direct communication line with EHA

Continuous dialogue between the National Societies and EHA is important for further development of hematology in Europe. National society representatives or presidents are welcome to contact EHA directly at

Communication and promotion

European national hematology societies are invited to use HemaSphere and the EHA website as a platform for announcing accredited scientific activities organized by the national society. In addition, it is possible to promote accredited society meetings through the EHA News, which is sent monthly to all EHA members. For more information regarding promotion please contact Ineke van der Beek at:

EHA Scientific Working Groups

National Societies are welcome to participate in the EHA Scientific Working Groups. For further details, please click here. For more information please contact Sara Roman Galdran at