Support opportunities

EHA Ranking for 2024 is now accessible via this link.

EHA thrives on the support of the biomedical industry and the medical profession. The variety of opportunities available for industry range from educational activities to the EHA Congress. The association is continuously working on innovation of the sponsor program in the evolving environment of pharmaceutical codes and regulations, while maintaining an interesting range of cooperation possibilities.

The complete sponsor program of EHA consists of number of sections, which intend to create a solid support system for the association’s execution of its goals. A comprehensive overview of all sponsorship opportunities is available in the online EHA Sponsor Prospectus 2023-2024.In order to log into the new online EHA Sponsor Prospectus 2023-2024 and view the options that are available for support, you will need to use your company's login details. To request your login for the digital Sponsor prospectus, you can contact us at

The six pillars of the EHA sponsor program are:

Corporate Sponsor Program

This well-established program enables EHA to finance many different projects that serve the best interest of hematologists.

Congress Sponsorship Program

The EHA Annual Congress is the biggest hematology meeting of its kind in Europe and is therefore a good moment to get in contact with hematologists worldwide.

Hematology education & training

This program provides an integrated and comprehensive medical education for early career as well as more advanced hematologists.

Research and Mentoring Program

Fund European research in hematology and support young basic, clinical and experimental researchers pursuing their career goals by offering funding and training opportunities.

EHA Topics-In-Focus Programs

Following the new developments two dedicated Topics-in-Focus Programs have been launched the area of immunotherapy and hemoglobinopathies.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Support the society by providing hematologists with the EHA Membership!

Priority Points System

The Priority Points System is implemented to recognize sponsors’ loyalty with points and give them competitive advantage over their competitors. Sponsors, who accumulate more points, get priority to choose the most promising exhibition space in the EHA Congress or the best timeslot(s) for sponsored sessions. The Corporate Sponsorship delivers the majority of points available and a ranking list is made according to these points.



EHA encourages all interested partners to contact the chair of the Fundraising and Sponsor Committee to share ideas on how to improve collaboration with the Association. EHA is eager to receive feedback on arrangements related to the EHA Congress and on ongoing EHA projects, as well as ideas for new projects. 

Please e-mail Victoria van Eijk-Chuvakova at and your message will be put forward to the Fundraising and Sponsor Committee.