Support opportunities

EHA thrives on the support of the biomedical industry and the medical profession. The variety of opportunities available for industry range from educational activities to the Annual Congress. The association is continuously working on innovation of the sponsor program in the evolving environment of pharmaceutical codes and regulations, while maintaining an interesting range of cooperation possibilities.

The complete sponsor program of EHA now consists of five pillars, which intends to create a solid support system for the association’s execution of its goals. A comprehensive overview of all sponsorship opportunities is available in our Sponsor Prospectus. Should you be interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

The five pillars of the EHA sponsor program are:

Corporate Sponsor Program

The well-established Corporate Sponsor Program enables EHA to finance many different projects that serve the best interest of hematologists. Unrestricted grants enable EHA to fund several pilot projects and events without partiality to any topic. The grants support the permanent structure of the association and its Executive Office. Detailed information about the Corporate Sponsor Program can be found in the Sponsor Prospectus. For further information, please contact Prof John Gribben, Chair of the Fundraising & Sponsor Committee or the EHA Executive Office at +31 (0)70 3020 099.

Congress Sponsorship Program

Companies are invited to support the EHA Annual Congress through the Congress Sponsorship Program. The EHA Annual Congress is the biggest hematology event of its kind in Europe and is therefore a good moment to get in contact with hematologists worldwide. As it comes with a very specific set of possibilities, rules and regulations, this event has a separate sponsor program. The EHA Annual Congress offers a wide range of interaction and networking opportunities with the delegates and KOL’s in the field of hematology through the Updates-in-Hematology, Satellite Symposia and exhibition space. Companies are invited to review and apply for different sponsor opportunities described in the Sponsor Prospectus.

Medical Education Program

EHA strongly believes that continuous education and training are crucial for further improvement of clinical practice and ultimately patient care. Since many years, EHA provides an education and training program in and outside Europe. The Medical Education Program provides an integrated and comprehensive medical education for early career as well as more advanced hematologists. It is constantly updated in order to meet the expectations and requirements of its users. Through this program, the companies have the opportunity to support activities in a transparent way and keep intact EHA’s sole responsibility for selecting the topics and directions.

EHA welcomes sponsors for a wide range of educational activities, such as Highlights of Past EHA Congress, Hematology Tutorials, EHA-SWG Scientific Meetings and the online EHA Learning Center (ELC).

These educational activities can be supported through Unrestricted Educational Grants. The ELC partnership offers a yearly meeting for supporters of the platform and a large amount of priority points. The live events offer exhibition spaces, advertisement in the meeting’s Program Book, acknowledgment on printed and electronic materials, dinners and coffee breaks and priority points.

Research and Mentoring Program

EHA’s Research & Mentoring Program is a new addition to the list of EHA sponsorship opportunities. It offers the possibility to fund European research in hematology and support young basic, clinical and experimental researchers pursuing their career goals by offering funding and training opportunities. Sponsorships or partnership opportunities are available to reach this unique market of professionals involved in basic, translational research and clinical activities in hematology, while no influence of companies on the selection of winners, faculty and the program content is enforced. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate industry’s commitment to advance innovative research and hematology training, as well as a chance to raise a company’s corporate visibility even after the EHA Annual Congress has ended.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors can also choose to support the society by providing hematologists with the EHA Membership. For the number of supported members, EHA awards priority points to the supporting company.

Priority points are also awarded for advertisements in HemaSphere.

  • Advertisement options are available in the journal HemaSphere via the publisher Wolters Kluwer and for more information please contact Melanie Garcia at or call +44 (0)20 3197 6646.

Priority Points System

The Priority Points System is implemented to recognize sponsors’ loyalty with points and give them competitive advantage over their competitors. Sponsors, who accumulate more points, get priority to choose the most promising exhibition space in the EHA Annual Congress or the best timeslot for satellite symposia. The Corporate Sponsorship delivers the majority of points available and a ranking list is made according to these points.

Would you like to receive a copy of the Sponsor Prospectus? Please send an email to


EHA encourages all interested partners to contact the chair of the Fundraising and Sponsor Committee and EHA Board members to share ideas on how to improve collaboration with the Association. EHA is eager to receive feedback on arrangements related to the EHA Annual Congress and on ongoing EHA projects, as well as ideas for new projects. 

Please e-mail Gabriela Rojková at and your message will be put forward to the Fundraising and Sponsor Committee.