EHA Kick-off Grants

Applications are now closed.

The EHA Kick-off Grant is a 1-year grant intended to support basic and translational early career researchers in hematology and allow them to test a high-risk but potentially high impact idea that is lacking solid preliminary data and is therefore too premature to submit for regular funding. Ideally it should provide the opportunity for recipients to develop a new project that could be submitted for an EHA standard grant (or to any other funding body).

Eligibility criteria:

  • Basic and translational lab-based researchers in hematology.
  • Up to 8 years post PhD graduation, exceptions must be justified.
  • PhD students in the final year of their PhD study. They must provide proof of an academic host lab where the research will be performed.
  • MDs with a keen interest in pursuing a career in research, up to 8 years after MD graduation or up to 8 years after PhD graduation, whichever came last. Exceptions must be justified.
  • The host institute must be an academic research centre or a proven equivalent in Europe.

EHA’s Policy on life Events & Eligibility

  • For each child/pregnancy, a mother can add 18 months to the time since graduation and a father can add 3 months.
  • Other life events, e.g., military service, disease or lab closure can also extend the period of eligibility but must be justified.

What is supported?

  • Lab Consumables
  • Max €2000 for attendance of EHA congress during the project year
  • Max € 5000 for equipment, if properly justified.
  • If the amount is not sufficient to fully cover the expenses, details must be shared for how the other expenses are to be covered
  • Specification of maximum amount of funding by justification of budget.
  • All expenditures must be documented with original receipts, vouchers, or invoices.

What is not supported?

  • Overhead costs
  • Personnel salary costs
  • Travel costs, other than to the EHA Congress as indicated above.

Terms and Conditions

Grantee will be held to EHA’s Terms & Conditions as described here.


  • Application Deadline: 15 September 2021, 12 Noon CEST
  • Award Notification after 15 December 2021

How to apply

Access the grantee portal and register yourself via Should you be the recipient of an EHA Research Grant in the past 5 years, or applied for any other EHA opportunity through the EHA portal-, you already have an account that you can access either by logging in using your existing credentials or by selecting ‘Reset or create password’ if you do not have your log in details yet. Be sure to use the email address that EHA has on file. If you encounter any issues, please contact

Please keep in mind that once you register, it may take up to two business days before your registration is processed and you are given access to the system. Registrations are approved Monday to Friday between 8:00- 18:00 hrs Amsterdam time. You are advised to plan accordingly as delays occasioned by late registration will not exempt you from the deadline.

A complete application includes:

  • Online application form
  • Max 3-page* proposal to include:
  • State-of-the-art and importance to the field
  • Own contribution and unique nature of the project
  • Aims
  • Methodology
  • Timeline
  • Career plan

*References will not count towards the 3-page maximum.

  • Properly justified budget of up to €50.000 for 1 year to be filled into the online budget template.
  • Signed Supervisor Letter of Support, stating how the project differs from the supervisor's focus, max 2-pgs.
  • Statement from the Institute representative accepting EHA’s terms and conditions- max 1-pg.
  • PhD students need to submit proof of host lab for the project.

All documents to be uploaded should be in pdf format with page numbers and with name of applicant and project title in the header/footer.


  • Potential applicants who are current recipients of an EHA research grant are not eligible to apply.
  • Potential applicants who are past recipients of an EHA Grant can apply if their previous project period has successfully ended.
  • Potential applicants who have received other EHA opportunities such as TRTH or CRTH are not excluded from applying.

Review and Selection

At the close of the call, the EHA Grants manager will perform an eligibility check of the applications. Applicants will be informed of the status of their application, either eligible or ineligible.

Eligible applications will undergo a one-step review and selection process by EHA’s Fellowships & Grants Committee. Applicants can expect to be informed of the status of their application after 15 December 2021.

Finishing the grant period
At the end of the project, grantees will be expected to report on the project as follows:

  • One end of project report, max 2 pages, due 8 weeks after the project end date. In the report the following questions should be answered:
  • How did the project fare? (Please provide a description of how your project has developed since you received the funding, what went well and what did not.)
  • What outcome has this grant had on your career in general?
  • Did the grant provide you with preliminary results to enable you apply for more funding?

Contact the Grants Manager at