What an EHA Kick-off Grant supports

Our EHA Kick-off Grant supports basic and translational lab-based research in hematology.

Costs that can be supported by an EHA Kick-off Grant

  • Lab consumables.
  • Max € 5,000 for equipment, if properly justified.

Mandatory costs

  • Max €2,000 for attendance at the EHA Congress that's held whilst your project is active (including travel and accommodation costs).

Costs that cannot be supported by an EHA Kick-off Grant

  • Overhead costs.
  • Personnel costs.
  • Travel costs other than to the EHA Congress (see above).
  • Funding for existing, running projects.
  • The development of commercial technology, unless there is a solid research question behind it.

If this grant is not sufficient to fully cover your expenses, you must share details of how you'll cover those expenses.

Your project's budget

If you're submitting an application, you'll need to include budget information in your form.

You can find out more about this in our guide to applying for an EHA Kick-off Grant.