EHA Research Mobility Grants

The Call for Applications will Open in September 2021.

EHA strives to develop the career of young scientists through support of mobility by facilitating a visit to a research group in another institute. Both institutes should have complementary expertise as this visit is intended to promote collaboration between the institutes.

Eligibility criteria:

  • PhD graduates within 1 year of PhD graduation
  • PhD students
  • MD’s with a keen interest in pursuing a career in research, within 1 year of PhD graduation or hematology accreditation
  • Applicants may be of any nationality
    • The home and host institutes must be academic research centres or proven equivalent, in different countries and one of them must be in Europe
    • At the time of application, the applicant should be a member of EHA or EHA Guest

What is supported?

  • Travel and accommodation expenses up to € 10.000, - for a project with a duration of up to 3 months
  • If the amount is not sufficient to fully cover the expenses or if the project is for a longer time (up to 6 months), a justification must be shared for how the other expenses are covered
  • Specification of maximum amount of funding by justification of budget. All expenditures must be documented with original receipts, vouchers or invoices

What is not supported?

  • Overhead costs
  • Salary of the grantee

Terms and conditions

Grantee will be held to terms and conditions as described here.


  • The call for applications is currently closed. 
  • Applications will be assessed by the Committee throughout the year, and there are no submission deadlines
  • Applicants can expect feedback within 4 months of applying 

Information to be submitted:

All documents are to be collated into 1 pdf, scans are only allowed if high resolution (signatures should be clear and text readable), with page numbers and with name of applicant and project title in the header/footer.

  • 1-page CV proving eligibility
  • 1-page budget (including justification)
  • 1-page summary explaining what the applicant will do in the host institute including a justification of the scientific reason for going to the host institute
  • Signed letter by the mentor of the host institute, explaining why the applicant is qualified (nominated) for this grant, how this is a synergistic collaboration and if applicable, how additional costs will be covered by the host institute including a signature by the administrative authority to accept the terms & conditions set by EHA, include how the department will cover overhead costs if required by the institute, since EHA will not cover overhead costs
  • Signed letter by the mentor of the home institute, explaining why they support the applicant and how this is a synergistic collaboration