EHA Research Mobility Grants

The call for applications is now open.

EHA strives to develop the career of young scientists through support of mobility by facilitating a visit to a research group in another institute. Both institutes should have complementary expertise, as this visit is intended to promote collaboration between institutes.

Eligibility criteria:

  • PhD graduates within one year of PhD graduation.
  • PhD students,
  • MD’s with a keen interest in pursuing a career in research, within one year of PhD graduation or hematology accreditation,
  • Applicants may be of any nationality,
    • The home and host institutes must be academic research centers or proven equivalent, in different countries and one of them must be in Europe,
    • At the time of application, the applicant should be a member of EHA or EHA Guest.

EHA's Policy on life events & eligibility

  • For each child/pregnancy, a mother can add 18 months to the time since graduation and a father can add three months,
  • Other life events, e.g., military service, disease or lab closure, can also extend the period of eligibility but must be justified.

What is supported?

  • Travel and accommodation expenses up to € 10.000, - for a project with a duration of up to three months,
  • If the amount is not sufficient to fully cover the expenses or if the project is for a longer time (up to six months), a justification must be shared for how the other expenses are covered,
  • Specification of maximum amount of funding by justification of budget. All expenditures must be documented with original receipts, vouchers or invoices.

What is not supported?

  • Overhead costs,
  • Salary of the grantee.

Terms and conditions

Grantee will be held to terms and conditions as described here.


  • The call is open throughout the year, 
  • Applications will be assessed by the Committee on a rolling basis; there are no submission deadlines,
  • Submit your application at least three months before your intended date of travel. 

How to apply

Access the grantee portal and register yourself via Should you be the recipient of an EHA Research Grant in the past five years, or applied for any other EHA opportunity through the EHA portal -, you already have an account that you can access. This is done by either logging in and using you rexisting credentials, or by selecting 'Reset or create password' if you do not have your log in details yet. Be sure to use the email address that EHA has on file. If you encounter any issues, please contact

Please keep in mind that once you register, it may take up to two business days before your registration is processed and you are given access to the system. Registrations are approved Monday to Friday between 08:00-17:00 hrs CET/CEST time. You are advised to plan accordingly, as delays occasioned by late registration will not exempt applicants from the deadline.

Information to be submitted:

  • Online application form.
  • Budget (including justification) to be filled in on the online form.
  • Summary explaining what the applicant will do in the host institute including a justification of the scientific reason for going to the host institute (Max 2 pages) to be submitted in the online system as a pdf.
  • Signed letter of support by the mentor of the host institute on institute letterhead, explaining why the applicant is qualified (nominated) for this grant, how this is a synergistic collaboration and if applicable, how additional costs will be covered by the host institute. (Max 2 pages)
  • Signed letter of support by the Host Institute's Head of Department on the institute letterhead agreeing to EHA's terms and conditions and detailing how the department will cover overhead costs if required by the institute, since EHA will not cover overhead costs (Max 1 page)
  • If the Mentor is also the Head of Department, 1 letter of support from the host institute should be submitted with all the information listed above. (Max 2.5 pages)
  • Signed letter of support by the mentor of the home institute, explaining why they support the applicant and how this is a synergistic collaboration. (Max 1 page)

Formatting Requirements

  • Letters of support should be collated into one pdf with page numbers, and with the name of applicant and the grant name (RMG) in the header/footer.
  • Project Summary (Proposal)-See formatting requirements in the application portal.