Acute Myeloid Leukemia

The AML SWG represents a group of national and internationally renowned clinical and research experts working in the field of AML. Our major aim is to provide a forum for translational research by bridging the gaps between basic scientists and clinicians treating AML patients.

Our activities include:

  • The design of clinical studies
  • Studies on supportive care and quality of life aspects
  • The development of guidelines/recommendations
  • A broad spectrum of research initiatives, with a focus on the characterization of the biological aspects of AML (genomic/multiomic and functional)

We also aim to contribute to collecting and linking harmonized real-world datasets. By doing so, we can help to promote precision medicine and the generation of reliable evidence for regulatory and research purposes.

The AML SWG is continuously expanding the already well-established international AML network and initiating novel cooperation and research activities.

We attach great importance to the integration and development of young AML researchers and clinicians. The SWG:

  • Provides them with networking opportunities
  • Involves them in clinical and research activities at an early and formative stage of their careers, thus developing the future European thought leaders in AML

Finally, operating under the umbrella of EHA, the SWG AML is closely involved in numerous EHA activities. These include:

  • Education
  • Research
  • European affairs
  • Health technology assessment
  • Big Data
  • The HARMONY Alliance Foundation

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