Highlights from the SWG

SWG highlights of 2021-2022 calendar years

Bordeaux congress

From November 10-12, the chairs Profs MC Béné and G Zini were thus joined by leading experts to present the state of the art and future directions in laboratory and clinical oncohematology. The program contained a mixture of expert lectures, patient input and presentations from submitted abstracts.

The most relevant advancements

Update of the ELN guidelines for MRD monitoring in AML (Heuser M et al , Blood 2021)

The top 3 follow-up activities will be given priority in the next year

  • SWG symposium “2.0 diagnostics in hematology: the role of AI” at the 2023 EHA congress in Frankfurt
  • joint session to be held at the next ESCCA congress in Utrecht (September 27-30, 2023)
  • Webinar on specific topics in the field to be organized in 2024 Q1/Q2 (to be discussed in the board)