Highlights from the SWG

Impactful activities

Symposium at EHA2023

The SWG held a symposium on ‘2.0 diagnostics in hematology: the role of AI’ at the EHA2023 Congress.

EHA2023 took place from June 8–11, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Joint session at ESCCA 2023

The SWG held a joint session on ‘Clinical results in Measurable Residual Disease (MRD)-driven trials’ at the ESCCA 2023 Conference.

ESCCA 2023 took place from September 27–30, 2023, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Measurable residual disease monitoring in patients with acute myeloid leukemia treated with lower-intensity therapy: Roadmap from an ELN-DAVID expert panel
Ravandi F et al.
Am J Hematol 2023.

2024 priorities

Symposium at EHA2024

The SWG will hold a symposium on ‘The power of digital evolution in hematological diagnostics’ at the EHA2024 Congress.

EHA2024 will take place from June 13–16, 2024, in Madrid, Spain.

Consensus on key points for clinical reports on myeloma and plasma cells

A priority for 2024 is establishing a consensus on the key points to be included in the clinical reports on myeloma and plasma cells dyscrasias.

This activity will be led by C. Botta, a member of the SWG board.


In quarter two or three of 2024, we will organize a webinar on specific topics in the field. This will be discussed in the board.