SWG Educational Activities

This SWG organized a meeting on Precision Hematology at the 23rd Congress of EHA in Stockholm (June 17, 2018). This meeting was chaired by Mario Cazzola and included the following presentations:
(i) Implementing genomic profiling at national level (Speaker: Richard Rosenquist); (ii) Towards a molecular classification of Philadelphia- negative myeloproliferative neoplasms (Speaker: Radek Skoda); (iii) Molecular characterization as a basis for novel treatment paradigms in AML (Speaker: Hartmut Döhner); (iv) Assessing MRD in multiple myeloma (Speaker: Hervé Avet-Loiseau).   

The group has also planned a meeting entitled “Research trends and current paradigms in precision hematology” and submitted an ad hoc proposal to EHA. This meeting would be primarily directed to trainees in hematology and PhD students and should be focused on research trends and current paradigms in precision hematology. Young colleagues are expected to interact with speakers and a few of them will have a chance of presenting their work.