Specialized Working Group Grants

EHA provides financial support to small research projects initiated by our specialized working groups (SWGs).

Every year, we award three grants to projects that will:

  • Help us build a collaborative network
  • Increase engagement within SWGs

Each grant is worth €20,000.

What an SWG Grant can cover

Our grants are designed to help with costs such as:

  • Data management
  • Data analysis
  • Sample collections
  • Storage

They cannot be used to:

  • Support fellowships
  • Pay individual salaries
  • Purchase substantial equipment


Non-interventional studies, like retrospective studies or prospective data collection, are eligible for support.

Applications about ‘basic research’ projects are also eligible. In these cases, we favor those that:

  • Take advantage of the collaborative nature of the SWG network
  • Encourage the mutual exchange of expertise

To increase diversity and support inclusion within our SWG community, we encourage proposals that involve:

  • Junior members
  • Partners from underrepresented countries

In all cases, the principal investigator (PI) who applies on behalf of the project must be both an:

  • EHA member
  • Active member of an SWG


Winning grant applications are selected by the EHA SWG Committee.

In making its decision, the committee takes into account:

  • The importance of the topic for further research
  • Other sources of support that are already available for the proposal
  • The applicant's explanation of the budget needs
  • General comments on the application

When you can apply

We usually accept SWG Grant applications in October and November.

The next call for applications will open in October 2024.

To find out more about projects that have already received funding, visit the pages below.

2023 projects

Details of the three research projects that received an SWG Grant in 2023.

2024 projects

Details of the three research projects that received an SWG Grant in 2024.