Highlights from the SWG

Impactful activities

Guideline development project

The most relevant and impactful activities of the SWG include those related to the guideline development project.

There were regular meetings with the Guidelines Expert Panel Committee.

SWG business meetings were held to discuss the progress in the development of the guidelines for the use and reporting of patient-reported outcomes in adult clinical trials. These meetings took place in February, July, and November 2023.

Regular meetings were held with Cochrane Haematology and the University of Cologne specialists involved in the systematic review process.

The systematic review ‘Patient-reported outcomes in Hodgkin Lymphoma’ has been registered in PROSPERO. Systematic reviews for these guidelines are in progress.


SWG-organized session at EHA2023


‘Frontiers in the use of patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice and clinical research.’


Edward Laane (Estonia)

Presenters and topics

  • ‘Evidence based patient-reported outcome measures in lymphoma clinical trials’—Esther Oliva (Italy)
  • ‘Benefits of the use of patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice to all the stakeholders’—Sam Salek (United Kingdom)
  • ‘Monitoring disease management by incorporating patient-reported outcomes in patients with hematological malignancies’—Elena Crisà (Italy)
  • ‘What does patient-reported outcomes mean for a patient with hematological malignancy?’—Felice Bombaci (Italy)

Participation in EHA-Patient Joint Symposium and PRO Guidelines Session at EHA2023


‘Standards in use and reporting of patient reported outcomes in Multiple Myeloma.’


Esther Oliva (Italy)

Presenters and topics

‘EHA guidelines for the use and reporting of patient-reported outcomes in Multiple Myeloma clinical trials’—Edward Laane (Estonia) and Sam Salek (UK)

Panel members

  • Kate Morgan, Myeloma Patients Europe
  • Edward Laane (Estonia)
  • Esther Oliva (Italy)
  • Sam Salek (United Kingdom)

Presentations at external conferences

Fourth European Myeloma Network (EMN) Meeting

SWG board members contributed to this event, which was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from April 20–22, 2023.

EHA–EMN meeting

An EHA–EMN meeting was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on April 22, 2023.

Edward Laane (Estonia) delivered an oral presentation on ‘PROs as endpoints in MM: Clinician’s perspective.’

International Myeloma Society (IMS) Annual Meeting, 2023

IMS held this event in Athens, Greece, from September 27–30, 2023.

The SWG contributed a poster presentation on ‘EHA Guidelines for the use and reporting of patient-reported outcome in Multiple Myeloma clinical trials.’

2024 priorities

The SWG's top three follow-up activities for the next year are the:

  • Finalization of the guidelines for PRO assessment in lymphoproliferative neoplasms, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and myelodysplastic neoplasms
  • Preparation of the SWG's session at EHA2024
  • Publication of the systematic review articles in lymphomas, leukemias, and MDS