CAR NK-cells project

An SWG Grant-supported project initiated by EHA's SWG on Immune Therapies for Hematologic Disorders.

Full project title

‘CAR NK-cells for tumor-associated macrophage immunomodulation – a new era of immunotherapy.’

Project lead

Dr Ciprian Tomuleasa Dr Ciprian Tomuleasa

MEDFUTURE Research Center for Advanced Medicine, UMF ‘Iuliu Hațieganu,’ Cluj-Napoca

Project background and aims

The project aims to design a CAR NK-based therapy and test it in the preclinical setting.

For many years, chemotherapy and radiation therapy were the three main therapeutic pillars for hematological malignancies.

Today, a fourth ground-breaking field of immunotherapies is quickly emerging. Known as adoptive cellular therapies, they offer long-term therapy possibilities—even for stages of disease progression that were previously incurable.

Adoptive cellular therapies such as CAR-T cells have already shown remarkable successes, mostly in treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and B-cell lymphomas.

This project aims to:

  • Design a CAR NK-based therapy for multiple myeloma and B-cell lymphomas
  • Test it in the preclinical setting