Pediatric Hematology

The SWG "Pediatric Hematology" has several key goals for the next four years (2019-2023):

  • To develop a European Pediatric Hematology Curriculum together with other key stakeholders in this area, in particular SIOPe. A key focus will be to complement the existing SIOPe curriculum on malignant hematology with non-malignant, laboratory hematology, and thrombosis and hemostasis. This curriculum will then be augmented and promoted by using the EHA educational platform (webcasts, publications, expert interviews).
  • To improve communication and collaboration between pediatric and adult hematology, on topics such as “childhood diseases” occurring in adulthood (e.g. primary immunodeficiencies), transition care or conducting clinical trials across the age barrier.
  • To provide EHA access to specialized pediatric expertise for its Science, Education, and Policy agenda and to facilitate the communication with other key European stakeholders in Pediatric Hematology (e.g. IBFM/SIOPe, ITCC, ESID, EBMT inborn errors working party).

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