Highlights of the SWG

SWG business meeting

We held a key strategic SWG business meeting on November 29, 2023, at the EHA offices in The Hague.

During the meeting, we discussed the future plans and priorities of our SWG. The key will be to position pediatric hematology well within our EHA community.

Steering Committee and subcommittees

We have formed a new Pediatric SWG Steering Committee and created two subcommittees. One subcommittee has a focus on education, and the other on meetings

With the meeting subcommittee, we will explore how we can increase the visibility of pediatric hematology at the annual EHA Congress.

The members of these new bodies are listed on our chairs and members page.


We have started to initiate partnerships with other organizations such as the:

  • European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE)
  • Turkish Society of Pediatric Hematology

We have also looked at how we can hold embedded EHA sessions at the meetings of the respective societies. This will increase our outreach to young and potential EHA members.

Education subcommittee

With our education subcommittee, we will explore opportunities to create educational materials for the EHA online platform. These will unpin our new EHA/SIOPE syllabus for pediatric hematology.

A key task of the education subcommittee will be to engage with YoungEHA pediatric hematology members to develop our educational strategy.

EHA and Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Taskforce

Our chair is also co-chair of the EHA AYA Taskforce.

The first big activity of the new taskforce has been to run a survey amongst professionals on the current AYA services in the different European countries. The survey is currently running and will provide insights into the differences of AYA services across Europe.

The aim is to develop a consensus statement on AYA services for malignant and non-malignant hematology in Europe.