Highlights of the SWG

We have established an active Pediatric Hematology SWG to create a voice for pediatric hematology within EHA that is based on our broad and diverse expertise in pediatric hematology.

This is reflected in our success in setting up a broad and active working group with wide representation from the different areas of pediatric hematology (including but not limited to red cell disorders, bone marrow failure syndrome, immunodeficiencies, stem cell transplantation and gene therapy, clotting and platelet disorders, transfusion medicine along with malignant hematology) and active participation of fellows in training.

We have successfully completed the development of a syllabus for non-malignant pediatric hematology that will be submitted to EHA in 02-2023 and which will be an important component on the new EHA/SIOPe syllabus on pediatric hematology. Moreover, it will represent a reference document for all pediatric hemato-oncologists in training.

We gave input into the formation of the newly established EHA AYA taskforce and we contributed both to the EHA SWG and the EHA research committee.

In June 2022, during the EHA annual conference, we organised a session on immunodeficiency-related lymphoproliferative disorders that was well attended by both pediatric and adult haematologists.

In October 2022, we have successfully run the 10th EHA Pediatric Course in Sorrento, with a particular focus on educating fellows and young pediatric haematologists.

Our 3 follow-up activities of SWG:

  • Setting up a sustainable structure of our SWG (including the nomination of additional board members); including a get-together session at the next EHA meeting in Frankfurt to discuss future priorities and attract new members,
  • Focusing on our educational activities (including a combined session with the EHA AYA taskforce on acute lymphoblastic leukemia in young people at the EHA 2023 meeting in Frankfurt and a combined SIOPe/EHA session on gene editing in thalassemia and sickle cell disease at the next SIOPe meeting in Valencia.
  • Creating new educational material based on our new curriculum