In Memoriam Anneke Brand

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Picture: Ineke Oostveen

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EHA and PTHiT Successfully Conclude the Second Joint Virtual Mini Hematology Tut...

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EHA-PTHiT Mini Hematology Tutorial

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EHA, AHA and GBMTA Successfully Conclude the First Joint Virtual Mini Hematology...

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 EHA-AHA-GBMTA Mini Hematology Tutorial

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EHA-LSHBT Virtual Hematology Updates, a Successful Course Tailored for the Regio...


March – October 2021

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From Plans to Action: European Cancer Summit

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November 17- 18 marks the first anniversary of EHA’s membership to the European Cancer Organisation (ECO), as well as the event dates for the 2021 European Cancer Summit. The summit brings together the European cancer community: oncology experts, experienced patient advocates, opinion leaders, policymakers, and politicians.

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EU Calls for proposal 2021

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Spurred by COVID-19 and rising challenges to the financial sustainability of Europe’s health systems, a flurry of new EU policies and programs in health has sprung up since last year. Some of the most eye-catching initiatives are highly relevant for hematology: the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, the Pharmaceutical Strategy and the European Health Data Space.

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The European Hematology Association (EHA) announces an Invitation to Tender (ITT...

The European Hematology Association (EHA) is pleased to inform the conference and meeting community that it will release an Invitation To Tender (ITT) for the appointment of a Professional Conference...

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EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Patient-centered Geriatric Hematology - report

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The EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Patient-centered Geriatric Hematology took place on October 6-7, 2021. Here is a report of the meeting.

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EHA Blood Cancer Awareness Month Wrap-up


The first European Hematology Association (EHA) Blood Cancer Awareness Month digital campaign aimed to raise awareness of hematological malignancies and EHA’s commitment “towards a cure for all blood disorders”.

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‘Rare Cancers in all EU policies’: Prof Elizabeth Macintyre expresses strong EHA...

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On September 28, EHA President Elizabeth Macintyre addressed an audience that included Members of the European Parliament, and officials of the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency, as well as members of the Rare Cancers Europe (RCE) partnership. Expressing support for the Call to Action launched by RCE, ‘Rare Cancers in All Policies’, Prof Macintyre highlighted the contribution and the commitment of hematologists to improving diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients with rare cancers. 

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Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 2021 - report


Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 2021 took place virtually on September 23-24, 2021. The the meeting report is now available.

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Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE ) Asia 2021 - report


The Highlights of Past EHA (HOPE) Asia 2021 meeting took place in a virtual setting. The report of this meeting is now available.

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Shining a Light on Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer Awareness Month 1

EHA Launches Digital CampaignIn September 2021, the European Hematology Association (EHA) will honor Blood Cancer Awareness Month with an extensive digital campaign.

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Help disseminate IVDR Questionnaire - Share with diagnostic laboratories in your...

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The new EU Regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) will come into full effect per May 26, 2022 and will have substantial consequences for diagnostic laboratories.

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VIRTUAL: EHA-TSH Hematology Tutorial

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June 25&26, 2021

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