National Societies and EHA join forces for Ukraine

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The European Hematology Association (EHA) and the European National Societies for Hematology want to express again, and publicly, their profound solidarity with the Ukrainian Hematology Society, and with Ukrainian hematology patients and their families. We pay tribute to the incredible bravery of the Ukrainian people in the face of the invasion of their country by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the spirit of solidarity and unequivocal support for Ukraine that is generating unparalleled collaboration between institutions (EU, WHO) and stakeholders across the European health landscape, and in line with our shared European values, we, EHA, and the National Societies for Hematology, intend to work together to coordinate the care of children and adults who are refugees from Ukraine and need our expertise and treatments, from now and for as long as necessary.

Any request for opinion or care originating from a government body or official organization will be taken into consideration without delay, in conjunction with our hospitals, our National Societies, Patient Organizations, Alliances, and other associated groups.

SIGNATORIES (per 23/3):

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  European Hematology Association
Prof E Macintyre
Société Française d'Hématologie
Prof T Facon
BHS British Society for Haematology  Croatian society of haematology Cyprus Society of Haematology 
Belgian Hematology Society
Prof M Andre
British Society for Haematology
Prof A Fielding
 Croatian Society of Haematology
Prof R Kušec
Cyprus Society of Haematology
Prof M Michael
Denmark  DGHO German Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology2  Dutch Hematology Association   Finnish Association of Haematology
 Danish Society of Haematology
Prof J Madsen
German Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology
Prof H Einsele
Dutch Hematology Association
Prof Meijer
Finnish Association of Haematology
Prof P Oivanen
 Hellenic Society of Haematology  Israel Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine  Italian Society of Experimental Hematology  Kosova Hematology Association
Hellenic Society of Haematology
Prof M Pagoni 
Israel Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine
Prof M Ellis
Italian Society of Experimental Hematology
Prof M Voso
Kosova Hematology Association
Prof. asoc. E Kryeziu  
 Lithuanian Hematology Society2 Malta College of Pathologists   Siieta Italiana di Ematologia  Slovak Hematology and Transfusiology Society
Lithuanian Hematology Society
Prof L Kryžauskaitė 
Malta College of Pathologists
Dr J DeGaetano 
Siieta Italiana di Ematologia
Prof P Corradini 
Slovak Hematology and Transfusiology Society
Prof A Wild 
 Slovenian Society of Hematology  SOCIEDAD ESPANOLA DE HEMATOLOGIA Y HEMOTERAPIA  Swiss Society of Hematology Sociedade Portuguesa de Hematologia 
Slovenian Society of Hematology
Prof M Skerget 
Sociedad Española de Hematología y Hemoterapia
Prof R García-Sanz 
 Swiss Society of Hematology
Prof M Duchosal  
Sociedade Portuguesa de Hematologia
Dr J Raposo 


Turkish Society of Hematology
Prof M Cem Ar
Last Updated on Wednesday 30 March 2022.